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Happy Guru Purnima Papa - First Guru of my Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-07-16 18:16
My Best Dad

Today I would like to take all of my readers on a beautiful journey of the bond which I share with my dad, first Guru of my Life.

Papa, I Love You, I adore you and I really don’t know where I would have been without your teachings, blessings, love, care, and affection. God gifted a part of himself to me by choosing you to be my Dad. He knew I would need a person like you in my life, a man whom I have loved much more than anyone on this planet. You played all your roles gracefully whether it was the role of a father, teacher or a friend. I could share each and everything with you and you patiently listened to everything with the minutest of details, you never complained, you never got annoyed, you always had time for me. You knew when I needed you the most and you always stood like a rock behind me so that no sorrows could touch my life. I never cared to do anything other than studies and you never bothered me that I should do anything else other than studies. You paid my school fees on time and I never got any reminder from my school that my tution fees were left as most students got. All my school dresses were cleaned, properly ironed, my black school shoes polished, I just had to wear them. You wanted me to look my best and just concentrate on my studies. You never showed me your pains or a financial crisis. You fulfilled all my demands without even getting angry with me. You always wanted to give more to me. God, I never realized that you were going through a financial crisis. You always smiled for me and always stood as a tough dad who was ready to fight with anyone or everyone for me. You met my class teacher and almost every subject teacher so that they took extra care of my studies. You had to go to college for taking your morning classes, then also you made sure that I was never late to school in the morning. Papa, you know I remember the milk which you made in the morning along with horlicks and sugar. You made sure I finished it before I went to school so that I could concentrate on my studies better.

You came to take me from school when it got over. I used to eat my lunch and then it was tuition time. You invested your hard-earned money on my tutors who could teach me good English, maths and science subjects. You always told me to gain knowledge and not bother much about marks but I know from the bottom of your heart you always wanted me to stand out in the class, which I always did. I know you felt glad in your heart when I got good marks and my teachers appreciated my rank to you. You simply loved it. Papa, I remember those dosa parties which you took me to celebrate my success. You always tried to give the best to me, be it food or clothes. You made sure that I don’t have to compromise on anything. It was you and mom who always compromised on everything. Today I remember that Pokhraj finger ring incident in which the astrologer predicted that if I wear that ring I will be very successful in life. You took his predictions so seriously that you got one made for me even though it was too costly for you. I had no idea of the number of financial adjustments which you made for me just to gift me that ring, it is only now I realize that, tears roll down my eyes whenever I sit down to assess the amount of love you have for me. It is my own God incarnated in a human form send on this earth only for me to fulfill all my wishes, you are my wish-granting angel. You were always free and frank with me. You told me to concentrate on my studies and taught me your principles of living life. Papa you know I follow your principles till date though times have changed and we are at two different places. I call this destiny because daughters have to get married and move to their husbands home.

When I was in Plus 2 you wanted me to become a doctor or engineer and you took extra care that I should get the best coaching from the best teachers. I am sorry since I could neither become a doctor nor an engineer. When I passed class 12, you sat with me and asked me what I wanted to study. I had no clue about it so you guided me in that and took me to some good teachers so that they could help me. When I made up my mind to study Zoology Hons you were happy that I decided for myself. You taught me to make my own decisions. You told me that sometimes few decisions may go wrong but that does not mean I should not decide for myself. You taught me to fight for my own rights and never get suppressed by anyone. You reared me like your brave daughter and you always called me “Beta”. God, I love that word “Beta” when it comes out of your mouth. You taught me patience, the real meaning of love, care, affection, responsibility, perseverance to achieve my goals, take responsibility for my failures and never to let my success reach my head. You taught me to be humble and you told me not to hate my detractors because those are the people who will keep me grounded. You had learned all your life’s lessons and you gave them one by one to me so that I did not commit those mistakes in my lifetime. You made sure that I learn everything from you so that you could become the father of a daughter who made you proud.

When it came to giving feedback for my work you were my first applauder as well as my first critic. You taught me the right way to do things. I have no clue where my life would have been without you. I simply cannot imagine a life without you. I thank God who created you for me. He must have kept me in his mind before creating you. God knew it is you whom I will need the most in my life on my journey here on this earth. I remember when I chose to do an MBA after my graduation you supported my decisions and took to me places for the entrance examination. You never complained about the amount of money you had to spend in filling the MBA application forms. You made sure I applied for all the best colleges. It was absolutely ok with you when I did not clear CAT or XAT. You were happy with my MAT score and send me to the best college which you could afford. Though my college in Bhubaneshwar was 8 hours journey from Jamshedpur you came to give me books and notebooks which you purchased for me. You made all adjustments in your own schedule so that you were always available for me. You never showed me your busy schedule. You used to call me once a week because that is when you had time but I never realised that at that time, but I do realize that now. I understand now that I also had a busy dad who made adjustments in his own hectic schedule just for his daughter whom he loved the most. Papa when I sit down to write about you today all words fall short, I cannot even express myself fully, tears are rolling down my eyes and I am writing for you my best dad, my first Guru on this day of Guru Purnima. A man who touched my life, who taught me the best lessons of life, who showed me the right path, who held my hand when I needed him the most. Papa, you always supported me in all my right decisions and you were the first to pinpoint when I made a wrong decision. You loved me unconditionally.

You never made your judgments for me. You had faith in me, you knew one day I will make you proud. You taught me to stand for my rights and that is the only reason I can stay alone at Nagpur even after going through the worst phase of my life. You always taught me to look beyond and be broad-minded. You told me that no one can move ahead in life with narrow mindedness. I learned from you that I should enjoy all my journeys whether good or bad with full enthusiasm and not bother too much about the destination because when the journey is right I will reach my destination on time. Dad you know when you are with me no sorrows can touch me and even if some come near me they will have to leave because they will come to know that you are my Dad. You were always there for me, you are always there for me and I know you will always be there for me.

You are the best Dad in this world and I love You. I love you, Papa.

I am writing this article of mine for my Dad whose name is Prof. Tarini. Prasad. Mandal who was Dean Faculty of Law, but is retired now.

I hope you all enjoy my journey with my Dad - My First Guru.

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