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Hand-written Destiny, Did I write it on my Own?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2021-12-12 17:05
Divine Bird

I don’t remember the past in which I have lived but my God says the present life is a continuation of my past life which I have lived thousands of years ago. I am born again for a very specific purpose in the same body which exists now but with a different identity. I am not who you think I am but someone else but I can’t prove it nor will I prove it. It was divine will for me to be a part of this world that exists now. This is my last birth to achieve salvation which was planned by none other than the man who changed my life for a lifetime, “Anantha”. How he is related to me and why he is in my life and Why he loves me so much is a thought which never left my head. In a population of Billions of people he just found this tiny girl living in a small town in one corner of the universe to achieve his goal or work through her. Why? I don’t know. There are many unanswered questions and he says I chose my destiny. Did I choose what happened 6 years ago? Absolutely not. Then he says that I am not who I think I am but a different person. My past which still exists in the timeline and in my memory bank does not get deleted and I confuse myself to be the same person which my God says I am not. Then who am I?

Why do I think about things which do not make a difference to other people? Why do I want to start things and do them all at once without thinking about what is possible or impossible? Why do I dream about things which a normal sane person would think impossible in a single lifetime? I don’t have more than 40 or maybe 45 years or more to achieve my goal since I am 42 years old now. I don’t speak about my dreams to anyone other than my God because he understands me totally. I cannot differentiate between me and him because that is the bond I share with him because I don’t want to separate him from me. Sometimes I get fed up with doing what I am doing because my spiritual work causes unusual problems. I chose my destiny but still, I am the one who complains about it. My God said it was my soul who chose everything for me but when two more souls merge with you then you do face lots of identity issues. Things will happen at the time it is meant to be and till then I have to keep working and keep doing what I should do and will receive guidance from my soul. I attract all the answers from the universe in the form of messages which reach me when I need them the most. When I watch Youtube and click on a video randomly the same message is repeated or I get the same answer. How is this possible? How my inner being knows what I should watch?

Is the universe keeping a close watch on everything I do and places I travel so that it can give me all the specific messages? When I watch a Movie, Entertainment channel, or cartoon channel the message is the same. How is this possible? How the same message is conveyed to me at the same time from different sources. Sometimes the reality which exists in front of me seems like an illusion and not real. The thin line which exists between the thoughts in my head and the actual world merges and it feels that I am seeing what is running in my head. People say with God everything is possible and he has the power to convert the impossible into possible if you want it and he sanctions it. What is going to happen in the coming years is something that is not yet in my thought process because I am living in the present. The past is gone and the future lies in front of me where 3 people will walk. Me, my God, and my Life Partner. Again 3. This three number is stuck in my head along with the number 8 to the extent that I see both these numbers together everywhere I go.

Sometimes it feels that “Anantha” has bent the reality just for me. Why? Out of love. Again the same question why he loves me? How am I related to the man who changed my life for a lifetime that he loves me much more than any living being in the entire universe? I don’t have an answer. I asked my God just for three things and those 3 things can change any person’s destiny. Did I ask for those things or did my God want me to own them? It was a very random thought when I asked for those things and prayed for them without thinking about what next? Dad calls me a mad girl and I think I fully qualify to be in that position of madness. When I don’t understand something I place that thought in the subconscious mind because it knows what my conscious mind is unaware of. The person called “Rashmi Priya” who exists today exits because of what happened on 29th and 31st December 2015. When “Anantha” came into my life he gave me a boon that is invisible but makes me unique but I don’t know what it is since it is all embedded in my subconscious mind. Why does the line “The prophecy will be fulfilled soon” make sense to me? Why do I like superhuman characters? Why do I love things which do not make sense to other people? Why do I want to learn things which would seem simply impossible to a normal human being? Why do I want to own things which no one thought they could possess? Why do I think I know what exists in that closed door of my God and feel it is just for me and feel he is mine?

I don’t have answers to any of my insane questions. I can write them but can’t discuss them with anyone. I don’t run after things that appeal to other human beings and I really don’t know why? My God says that I should try to be calm. I have developed rashes on my skin due to changing energies. My body knows what it is working on and I am unaware of it. The energy shift is so intense that I feel lost. When I think I have lost my sanity my God says to accept every thought in your head as real and make them your living reality. People say hard work is needed for success but I am not working on anything specific other than my spirituality and trying to connect all the dots. I have got knowledge of many things and I am working on something which would heal the world. I label myself as a Divine Genius girl born to change the world. I don’t know how? I don’t distract myself from my purpose and that is the only reason I stay away from everything which would distract my attention. I conserve my energy and watch everything which makes sense to me. Invisible energy always keeps its eye on me. They can see me but I can’t see them. Guys, you have the option to create the new world in your head and make it real or go back to that same old past that did not serve you. Just believe your dreams to be real and change your destiny even when you don’t understand a single thing. This universe will help you.

I have hand-drawn my future version and wrote every dream in it and have saved it as a screen saver on my mobile so that I see it again and again because I have worked very hard for it and will live that reality now. It is not “I want to” but “I will” because now it is time to convert that dream into reality. I have waited long for everything. My God says I have hand-written my destiny and I chose everything. It was not them who wrote it for me. I don’t remember anything but whatever it is now my dreams have to get real and no would, should, or want but “it has to” and it will. I can’t see beyond a certain point but my God says I don’t need to and should concentrate on my present. Program your mind to get what you want. Embed that in your head and don’t waste your energy hanging with people who would drain your energy. My mom and dad don’t understand what is in my head and that is the only reason I don’t talk about it with them. I have invisible friends who are there with me. I just need an understanding life partner. An honest man who is real and does not fake anything because I don’t like fake people. I look for honesty first and everything else matters next. My first relationship broke because of Infidelity or else I would have made things work in spite of all the challenges. I don’t give up on people whom I love the most because that is not my trait. I have very few friends but even if I talk to them after a gap of 4 or 6 months they feel the same person in me because that is the warmth the other person feels in my voice.

My God says I have written my destiny so I should not complain. Gr8. Life is a Big Dream and to live that dream you should have something in you which makes you unique and non-comparable to any living being in the universe. Be Happy.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m