Good Human Relations determines Success

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2011-07-08 14:27
Human Relations

In a fast paced life when we all are busy with our own selves there is something which we are forgetting to harness the most. Forgot or Remember ? Its Human Relations.

Now lets discuss how to maintain good relationship.
1) Getting along with people is important in all walks of life.
2) Greet People
3) Smile when you meet people - it feels good when you smile genuinely and greet the other person. It shows your interest.
4) Call people by their name - They feel important and carry a positive thought.
5) Become Friendly & Helpful - Help people and they will help you. This will increase your bonding.

The type of relation we maintain with the other person depends on our personality and inner self. If we are at peace with our own selves we maintain good relations but when their is emotional turmoil our relations are bound to suffer. Negative thinking and negative emotions lead to poor relationship and it cannot be harvested in the long run whereas positive thinking leads to positive emotions and good relationship which lasts till the end of life.

The way we perceive and interpret things decides the strength of our relations. Maintaining relations is a very important aspect of life because if we do not maintain them we remain lonely and just satisfy our own selfish motives not thinking about anyone else. When we stretch our hands to help someone then we start sharing. Once we start associating with the outside world , we understand the richness of the outside world, that is the time we start living.

Let us all harness positive emotions to maintain good human relations and attract the whole world towards us.

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