God’s choice for you to be a part of his Divine world

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Divine World

I wrote a lot about God in my previous articles and would like to add on to them a little more so that you too can experience the divine and live a happy, stress-free life where there is no one other than you and him. A choice which was made by him to make you a part of his world so that you could experience him and carry his message to others who are less fortunate than you and are yet to be a part of his realm. You do not choose your God but he is the one who chooses you to worship him or to be a part of him so that you can establish an eternal bond with him, a connection which cannot be understood by the normal human being but can be understood by the most realized soul who is too busy changing the world. You can choose what you want to do with your life or the way you want to live it and the people in your life but you have very little command over the choices which are thrust upon you by the universe and you have no other options but to abide by it. Sometimes you will see few people are living normal lives and all of a sudden they do unimaginable things and take their life to a new level with their newly acquired skills. Now how would you define that? If that person had so much capability he could have significantly changed his world before, why he could not do that before which he is capable of doing now? How he acquired those special powers which made him famous which is beyond his own imagination. Is it destiny at play or his previous life’s good karmas or the will of God to make him a part of his divine world and work through him to bring about a respectable change in the lives of people who are touched by him.

Do you think the sages and saints who have reached the peak of meditation and gained superpowers were able to do so just because they wanted it for themselves or it was the choice of God to make them a part of his divine world so he wrote the same in their destiny? A destiny which could not be changed or he made a random choice and chose a very specific person for a specific task, a task which he could not assign to anyone but her, so the next thing which he did was changed the destiny of that person in the middle of her ongoing life. An altered destiny which cannot be known by looking at the birth chart of the person because that person is an awakened soul and no longer relates to the birth chart which was made at the time of her birth. Now she has a new destiny which was written fresh by the divine to bring about a revolution in the world which has some old school of thoughts and which needs a drastic change. A change which is not possible without her interference, a change which everyone is looking for but no one is willing to put forward their first foot. When he has made a choice for you there is very little which you can do and I would say you should thank him for choosing you to be a part of his divine world. You should consider yourself to be very fortunate because you will experience life in a completely different manner. A blissful life which is not accessible to the masses. When it comes to God he has his own mysterious ways of working and talking to you. He will make you do things which you never thought was possible for you. When the supreme chooses you then you must be a different soul or there must be something in you which differentiates you from the masses, he is not the one who makes wrong choices, for how can God be wrong about anything.

God is the ultimate power, he created the universe from nothing. He can do anything, he has the capacity to do miracles and give you your best gift of a lifetime with a simple wish. I am sometimes overwhelmed as to how he chooses someone to be a part of his world and why that single person for that important task and no one else. You must have heard that God’s reincarnate on this earth time and again to bring peace and harmony in the world because if he would have left everything the way it is then there would be nothing but only evil with no trace of him, so he comes here in long intervals of time to establish peace and spread love. There are few people whom he chooses for this particular task because he cannot do it alone when he comes here on this earth in human form, he needs his team and if you are the one chosen by him then be prepared for a roller coaster ride. I guarantee you one thing that your life will never be the same because that is how he wants it to be. Every day will be different and you will feel more connected to him and understand his language.

God will communicate with you in magical ways and you will keep wondering what is happening in your life, sometimes you will not be able to make head or tail out of it and would really go mad at your own experience. If this is something which is happening to you then I would say “Welcome to his Divine World”, now be prepared because what you will see and experience is something which no one else can ever imagine. You will be able to connect with other people on a soul level and do works which will touch the masses. You yourself will be amazed at your own changed life because it will no more be the same. Your entire outlook towards life and people in your life will change. The more you dig deep and look for answers the more you will get confused so it is better you wait for your time when he wants to answer all your questions. When you have placed the questions, you will get answers that is something which can absolutely be sure of. When he makes a conscious choice for you to be a part of his living divine world he will change your whole thinking and you will think more like him than like normal humans, your thoughts will contradict with what other people think and say because they cannot look at the bigger picture which you are aware of. It is because you have touched a different dimension in your life which is not accessible to a normal human being. It is great if he has chosen you for a purpose which is much bigger than your own imagination.

My experience of life has changed after 31st December 2015 after I visited Tirupati Balaji Temple and Golden Temple at Sripuram. I really don’t know what happened and how it happened but then I find myself within the same body with a new soul as if a rebirth has happened within the same body. The exterior is the same but the internal being has completely changed. Now when I try and apply logic to it I confuse myself further so I let time handle all my questions and present me with the right answers at the right time. I feel that God chose me to be a part of his divine world and gave me a part of himself so that I can experience a different life with his given powers and bring about a revolution in the world. I don’t have any idea as to what task has been assigned to me and how I will achieve it because the purpose has not yet been communicated to me. He is still working on me so that he can perfect me for the task for which he has chosen me and only me. The experiences which I have gone through in 2017, 2018 has been such in which a normal person would have left the world and put an end to her life but I have survived all with the help of his grace. I have been brought back to life from a near-death experience when I was hospitalized with 3% hemoglobin in my blood and had very little chances of survival. I don’t know why I have gone through so much pain and why he saved me? What is the task he chose me for?

You people will laugh when you meet me because I am a carefree girl, full of life and people really call me “Bachhi” which I really hate and I tell them that I am an adult. They still don’t believe me and few even make fun of me and ask me in which college do I study? I sometimes think that he should have chosen a well-built lady to do his work and why me and only me? I have no answer but I think when the divine has chosen me for his purpose and wants me to work for him then there must be a reason. I think he never looks at the outer cover but the inner soul which should match with his thinking and his purpose. If you qualify you are in or else you are out. I want to say that it is a great feeling and my connection and love for my God is something which cannot be understood by anyone except him and me.

Welcome to the divine mysterious, Godly world and share a seat next to him. God is great. I love him.

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