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The giant numeric cosmos - Is it just made of Numbers?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2022-10-18 16:43
Happy Durga Ashtami 2019

Mathematics is ingrained in your body and cosmos. It is something which existed since time immemorial. It was never discovered by any scientists doing any scientific discoveries. People got aware of it after studying nature to its core. Everything in this entire universe exists in a pattern. There are few patterns that are repeated again and again but you have to study nature closely so that you understand that everything is kept in its proper place by means of the law of balance by following exact geometric patterns which support each other and hence everything balances on its own without any external interference. The building blocks of material are made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons which form a shape that gives a certain property to the existing substance. At the core, everything is made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons but with different combinations so that they form different materials. The types of bonds which exist inside the element decide the properties it will carry. Charcoal and diamond have different structures and absolutely different properties but its made of the same basic stuff. There is a very deep bond between human beings and everything which exists in the entire universe. An ideal body or divine being should have a certain geometric pattern that makes it fall in the category of a divine being. It is like a missing puzzle has been put in its right place by the cosmos to the point that it exactly fits the space and hence the cosmos considers it as a part of its own system. Now wherever this person will go his energies will be balanced by the cosmos and cosmic intelligence will come into play. This is the knowledge of a giant space that seems empty to the naked eye but carries everything in its womb which is the source of creation of what will exist in the future. It has a record of the past, present, and future.

Our visual apparatus or eyes have various limitations so you can’t see everything which can be felt by advanced beings who exist in the universe. Your body is made of numbers. Remember chromosomes build the entire human system, multiplies and the components which make up chromosomes exist in a certain specific pattern. If you change the structure of just one single existing piece of information inside the chromosome the end product will change and hence the entire species will change. Take the example of a human being who is born into a very poor family but practices spirituality. Let’s say he awakens many dormant energies inside his body then what do you think? Will his life be the same? Exactly not. The reason being there is a certain arrangement that existed in his body and with the practice of spirituality, he changed his entire frequency and hence his own body's geometry which falls in a different category so his experience of life will change. It may so happen that he attracts everything which was not written in his destiny just by changing his vibration. Remember the universe recognizes you with your frequency and vibration. When you change your vibration you get a different status from the universe. If his frequencies match that of a wealthy man then the universe will direct him in that direction and even provide the right guidance. This invisible cosmos supports everyone. There are some who are happy while others keep complaining all the time. Then depending on the present karmas of the person, the universe will decide what that man is eligible to hold. The reason being he changed the numeric arrangement which existed inside his body.

The human system is made up of large amounts of water. It is 70% water. Now, what are the properties of water? It can take any shape, can solidify on freezing, and change into steam on heating. Now the water is the same but its properties change when it turns solid, liquid or gas. Now they are all different. When a person listens to the same message again and again or practices spirituality for some time his inner core starts transforming because it starts catching different vibrations and frequencies from the universe which changes its shape. When the thing which occupies a large chunk of your body changes it transforms other elements inside your body and thus changes your identity. After some time your source code changes. There are ample examples of people who have made a fortune just by changing their vibrations. But it is not that easy to work on your belief system because there is so much external programming that exists inside your brain which makes you think what is possible for you. When I say our ancestors had various superpowers. Will you all believe me? I am sure you all will negate me and would want a justification from me to prove what I have just said. The reason is you don’t have any. The answer is very simple when you don’t use something it starts getting dormant and with time recedes or gets forgotten. Ancient snakes had legs but when snakes stopped using their legs just got rudimentary and became a thing of the past. This human system is high-level programming but with the passage of time so many additions and deletions have been done to the memory bank that they have crippled the entire human race.

You just change your geometric pattern through meditation and yoga you will see that your thinking will change and all of a sudden you will start attracting things that you thought were outside your reach. This human system can function properly even when all 114 chakras of the body are not activated. It is only when you want to reach higher dimensions or do extraordinary work which falls in the category of superhumans that you need to activate all the dormant energies lying inside your system. It is not that easy but not too difficult. Now when you are activating those dimensions which were previously out of your reach you are changing your source code or the numeric pattern or the geometric pattern of the body and aligning yourself more with the cosmic pattern which exists. When you match the cosmic geometry you and the universe are one. Now the universe will decide how much you can access it. If you are meant to play a divine role then you can very well do that because you match that pattern now. You take the example of any person who was meant to do great work was made to do lots of sadhana by the universe. The cosmos never gave divine powers even to lord Krishna when he was born. He was made aware of the work which he is meant to do and he did his Tapasya to get his powers. He had some superpowers but all of them activated after he was made aware of the work he is meant to do in the world and did his spiritual work.

When a normal person practices spirituality or changes his vibrations by means of affirmations then the universe starts sending him angel numbers in a certain pattern. Repeated numbers mean different things to different people so you have to check what it specifically means for you by meditating on it. The Law of Attraction works for everyone but it depends on how long you can hold on to your new belief system even after getting negative feedback from the external world or your own thoughts which lose track when you start believing that it is just not possible. My suggestion to everyone is to leave what is possible or not possible to the cosmos. You just place your wishes and have faith that the universe will grant them exactly the way you want them. When you do so the universe has to give you what you have asked for when your vibrations match with your manifestations. The biggest problem with the universe is when you reach high frequency it cannot keep you stuck in a place where you are now because then the entire laws of balance will fail. The universe will always balance itself and to maintain its balance it will follow a geometric pattern. When your pattern has changed then how can you be in the same place? You will find ample explanations on this topic. I have thought for a long time along these lines so I have come to my own conclusions. I understand it so I thought of writing about it.

I have wished or dreamt of doing a work that someone can only dream of but I have full faith in the invisible realm that they will give me what I have asked for. I have my signs of success and the cosmos talks to me by means of angel numbers, animals, and through my own soul. The amount of transformation which I have gone through just for the fulfillment of that one dream is huge. I can’t count the pains because when you change your core your system does not accept it and thus it pains like hell. Your entire body and your mind will make you believe that you should just stop what you are doing and live a normal life. It is only when you are determined that you fight all odds and achieve what you want. Everyone around you will think you have gone insane and will criticize you. It is only when you have achieved your full awakening and done your work that people understand that you were not a fool to spend so much time and energy doing something which carried so much meaning. People praise those who have a physical bank balance. Those who carry invisible bank balances are sidelined. The world is turned around by people who have invisible bank balances because they have the true power to change the world.

This cosmos is just numbers. Get spiritual and change your destiny. Attract everything which you ever desired or wished for because the universe has to serve when your vibrations match your manifestations. Happy Durga Ashtami (Pios)

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