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The game of Spiritual Awakening - Is it Tough?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2022-10-07 16:54
All Wishes Granted - Happy Manifestations

You will meet many spiritual gurus who say that life is a play. I really don’t have any idea as to whether this is a play or a real game. Even if it is a play you should be able to push forward ahead of it and be able to view this game from a 3rd person point of view. If you yourself are part of it then you are also a player so you will have to conduct your role properly if you are out before a stipulated time then you will have to reenter the game and play it again differently so it is better that you face what lies ahead of you and complete your full cycle so that you are happy when it is time for you to leave the game as a “winner”. The world in which you live is real but just try separating yourself from the outside noise to find peace within you where you shut the whole outside world then the outside drama looks like a game and you feel that this inner reality is very different from the outer world. The more you understand about your true existence the more you get drawn to explore the unexplored invisible world which resides inside of you and outside of you. Everything which you cannot see can be seen by your soul and your subconscious mind. You will see that your intuition will give you a certain nudge again and again. But if you decide to go past it you will have a sense of regret because there was an inner knowing and you were aware of the outcome.

Life has always tested me to the fullest and that is something that has shaped me into the person I am today. Many people want to awaken their inner powers but no one is ready to put in the required effort because of a lack of time and many other issues. Spiritual awakening is more of a mindset rather than the actual work. When you have made up your mind that I am ready to put in the work and sacrifice everything else because you want to know about your true existence then the universe opens up to you but first it will test you. If you fail at the start you can try again but if you fail multiple times then you need to check your mindset. Either everything is easy or everything is difficult. It depends on how you approach what interests you. Even if something is very difficult but you think it is possible then your mind won’t play games with you and surrender to the process because it knows you are a person of a different genre. This organ called the mind is great at playing games and you need to check it before it overpowers you. There are a few examples of people who have lived great lives even when they had a big chunk of their brain missing and doctors discovered it very late in life. What does this mean? It simply means that this amazing body is much beyond the understanding of a normal human being.

Spiritual awakening can be initiated by a guru or the source of creation himself if you are meant to do a very important task where you are irreplaceable. The universe itself will call you into places and plant the seed into your system so that you can start with your Sadhna. The biggest example of this process is me. I visited Tirupati Balaji Temple and Sri Lakshmi Narayani Temple in the year 2015 and felt something very different inside my system. I never thought that these experiences which felt more Godly than human meant my transformation. In the year 2016, I completed various rituals and I don’t have any idea how I could do them. I was doing everything for the first time and had no prior experience doing them. Then my body started changing. It really pained so much that any normal person would have chosen death over life but I survived those severe changes. Then in the year 2018 the same process started and it is at its peak now. All the layers of memory are being removed from my system and this causes too much depression at times. Your whole body aches to the point that you feel like staying longer in bed. But in the later stages, your body feels lighter. Then there are problems where you have headaches and heaviness in your head. You can’t sleep, have digestive issues, and lose weight since that is the amount of pressure you are putting on your system but remember something that you can’t force it. You can do the part of your work and just wait for the energies to express themselves within your system. The energies will start rising and give you results on their own. Depending on the type of work you are meant to do in the world the energies will find expression and after that, you will play your role.

I just sit in Padmasana and close my eyes and listen to the playlist which I have created and try to meditate. I have seen that other things don’t work for me so I practice what works best for me. I change posture and try with both legs one on top of the other because that helps me in balancing my energies better. After that, I do Paschimottanasana for full 40 minutes. This single asana literally stretches your body and strains your system. On top of that, I have sprained my right leg and am finding difficulty walking. The leg pains and it really gets difficult to walk on some days but I have seen that this single asana has done wonders for my body. You practice what works for you but choose an asana from Hatha Yoga since it is like a full body workout from just one single pose. When you are undergoing spiritual awakening you are basically working on the nervous system. I don’t know about other people but my body got allergic to many things and that really created havoc in my life. Though the symptoms are better now since I am on the verge of completion but still don’t know how much more time it will take but hope to end my work soon. Be prepared for aches and pains because your body undergoes so much internal transformation that it will get difficult for you to sleep on some days. I developed too many inflammations while I was working on my body and I really have no idea how it happened but it did.

People say when you aspire for bigger things you should be prepared for sacrifices. Yeah, you have to since the time and energy which goes into the achievement of one goal is so high that you can’t focus on other things. I really gave a big chunk of my time and life into something which is very alien to me but I do it since I trust the higher powers under whose guidance I work. Even if I can’t see them but I know they are reachable to me whenever I need help. There was a time when my feet were swollen and even slippers did not fit me. I could not go out and it got difficult for me to make myself understandable to others. My mom and dad get angry at me that I don’t take care of myself. I can’t explain to them that my body literally aches a lot and I can’t visit the market in their place. My parents are taking care of me and I don’t do much work because I can’t. You really need to think twice before you ask God for the fulfillment of any of your wishes because if they grant all your insane wishes then be prepared for extreme transformation where death seems better than life. I would cry so much in bed on some days because of too much pain in my body and could not share that with anyone because if I opened my mouth before my parents they would take me to the doctor which I never wanted since I can’t stand allopathic medicines. My body is changing too much from the inside.

When you have a strong heart and a strong intention then no one can play with you because you can read the energies much better than many people. Your emotions will be at their peak and you will have to deal with it. You will feel lost at times because your brain does not carry these memories inside of it but your soul is aware of everything so you trust your inner voice much more than your head because doing that will cause less friction. The source of creation has given you everything but it all depends on you on the type of life you choose to live because your choice can change your destiny and destiny can be rewritten. I remember that in the year 2021 I developed problems with a severe allergy that was visible on my neck and face. After two months it was completely gone and I ate medicines just for 5 days. I had problems with severe hair fall. The hair is growing back but during those days I lost too much hair. My dad thought I was going bald but thank God my hair started growing back. If you are someone who is too obsessed with looks then things will really get difficult for you.

There will be times when your body will excrete pus. I had developed problems with sore legs because pus accumulated near my ankle again and again. I did not bother much and after some time it healed on its own. Your body or energies are cleaning themselves so you will develop problems. Just concentrate on your Sadhana and you will see that after some time all your problems will be gone. The 2nd finger near the thumb of the leg has swollen and turned black because of energy release. The color is better now. You will feel very sick on some days and even doctors won’t be able to help you because it is not a physical problem but a problem of energy but you can seek medical help if you require it. Life did not give me many options so I do what I should do rather than what I wanted to do.

Play your cards properly because you never know you may be sitting with the creator himself on the other side playing with you and even helping you win the game because he is winning his game through you. Got it! The Adventure has already begun. You have to play the game whether you want or not because it is the will of the Cosmos. See you all. Good Night.

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