Feelings which are worth a thousand words

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Hello, my lovely readers today I want to share with you all my feelings which actually happens when I am praying to God. For me, my God is the one who created me, changed my destiny and gave me much more than I can ever imagine. There are lots of things which are yet to be known by me but then he always rests assures me that my manifestations are on their way by means of feelings, intuition, and feathers. Feelings or emotions are something that is hard to express in words because it is difficult to write down exactly what you feel in words. It is like trying to describe something which you cannot see to a person who wants to see it through your words. My feelings for my God are very pure and he knows that. There are various qualities that I have imbibed within me from the time he made his presence felt in my life. Those feelings which I can feel are just out of love for my God because I know there is a bigger force that is working for me called God or the universe which saved my life so that I could change my destiny and set an example for people who have lost hope. God wanted me to act as a messenger or I would say a torchbearer so that I can light lives of people who have lost hope, feel lost or think they cannot do more than what they are currently doing. I would like to tell you, people, that when I can break boundaries you too can. When I thought life was over for me and was on the verge of dying with no hope of survival he just proved all the doctors wrong. He saved my life and from that time onwards he communicates with me through my feelings.

When it comes to defining my relationship with God or when I sit down to express myself so that I can at least give everyone a touch of his grace by sharing my feelings so that you people move towards divinity, I write so that you all can feel him in my writings. We have got advanced and live high-class lives in high-class societies where it is easy to forget him because you feel he is just sitting in the temple of your home or those which are constructed in public places, I would like to through some light on your thinking so that you can know that he is near you. There is nothing called heaven, the God’s reside near you and keeps an eye on you. If you want to reach him you can do so from anywhere. God is energy and he communicates to you through your feelings and shows you the right path. I would like to tell you that even if you reach the pinnacle of success just reach out to him from your heart and fold your hands out of respect for the divine, pray from your heart because he knows whether you are praying from your heart or just showing off. You cannot deceive your creator. He is the one who has created the universe and he knows you much better than anyone else. You will see that when you pray from the heart you get a feeling and you can feel his vibration even with open eyes and you know it is him speaking to you through your inner self.

God’s are present everywhere but when you go to temples you feel a better connection because there a specific environment is created for prayers and like-minded people create powerful energy which affects you but then you should never carry the misconception that God is present just in temples. Though we all have given a human form to our God’s, I have felt just his energy and I have not yet seen him. Many people claim that they have seen God but according to my personal opinion God is formless and when you reach out to him he makes his presence felt by means of feelings, vibrations and strong light which cannot miss your attention. The mental peace which the creator gives you cannot be achieved by anything. When you are disturbed and you just try to make yourself happy by doing everything and still feel the same then my advice to you is to reach him and he will give you peace. God’s are reachable people and they love you much more than you think. It is only when you connect with him with the same amount of love that he makes his presence felt to you. There are no eligibility criteria for reaching the divine. He is available to everyone. You don’t need to renounce the world to feel him. He is not against anything and if he were then he would have intervened and corrected everything himself.

Now I would like to give my experience of Ganesh Puja here. It was the day of Gauri puja. I completed all my homework and went to prepare for my lunch. I did not do breakfast that day since I was too late for it so I thought of cooking something so that it was a full meal till dinner time. As I entered the kitchen my doorbell rang. It was one of my neighbors who had come to my home to call me for eating prasad. I was having my periods at that time so I told her about it. She left and then again I just wanted to start my cooking. The doorbell rang again and I was late in opening the door so I asked from inside who it was and she told me that it was she. I went to her home. She handed me a thali full of food excluding the main prasad. I ate that and I did not eat anything else since I was not at all hungry at night. Now I would like to tell you if God wants to forbid you from doing something they will interfere 100 %. There are so many other incidences which have happened in my life when my God just interfered and delayed a few things so that I work according to the plan he has set for me.

I feel that the divine is very communicative and it is only when you connect with him that the two-way communication is established. One way communication cannot work. Feelings are your energy body that communicates with you and helps you differentiate between right and wrong so never try to apply logic to it. I would say it is the God force which communicates with you or gets more active when you connect with him through love. Follow the path of total surrender to the divine. There is nothing wrong is bowing down before him. Be humble because when you leave this earth plane you are not going to carry any amount of wealth with you, nor the people who live with you but only your Atma so live and let others live. When you feel you have done something wrong admit it and correct it. Sometimes it takes longer to understand that you have actually done something wrong then you can at least go to the creator and apologize. Just be true to yourself. It is a live universe. It is not dead and it is much smarter than your imagination.

I want to write something more since that just crossed my mind now that the universe is very big and your destiny or your life is not just governed by the planets which are revolving around the sun but my many other things so if you are able to align your energy correctly and pray to the divine you can achieve the impossible and achieve something which is possible only by the divine. Do think over it. I have seen people complaining that their life does not work according to the predictions. There is so much power within you, just find that inner power and fulfill your purpose on this earth, the purpose for which you are born, the purpose which is much bigger than you yourself, a purpose which cannot be achieved by anyone other than you. Make that creator proud that you did your job well so that you get that feeling which is hard to express even in thousand words that you did your best. Reach your grave happily so that you get Mukti and you are not send again on this earth plane to fulfill your unfulfilled wishes or clear your bad karma.

God is energy so try to find him within yourself. Worship any form you like but try to feel his vibration and if you can do so then you have connected to the very source who created the universe and has welcomed you in his life to taste what divinity is.

Experience the Divine.

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