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Feel the Invisible to receive Divine guidance - Is he Real?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2021-12-29 18:07
Saraswati God

I thank God for being in my life. Thank You “Anantha” and “Sri Laxmi Narayani” for being in my life. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. 2021 is going to come to an end. 2015 brought a big turning point in my life and now 2021 is going to come to an end. 2022 will start just after 2 days. The world and each one of us is witnessing something which we were not mentally prepared for and not even ready for. So many things changed in everyone’s life all of a sudden that we all were forced to ask the question Does God exist? And if he does then where is he? Why he is not saving the world? Why he is not here to save us when we need him the most? There is so much corruption going on and still, nothing is happening. I too have got the same questions in my mind. I pose the same question before my God every day. When I suffer from too many spiritual awakening problems I want him to do some miracles for me. I don’t know what is life because the concept which existed in my mind before 31st December 2015 has completely changed. After going through so much in my life and suffering like crazy I have forgotten what a normal life looks like. When you feel directionless in life even after being a good student of the universe then he shows you direction. It is hard for me to understand how such things happen but they do happen. Yesterday after I posted my article on my website and various social media platforms I went to do dinner late at night.

I thought of watching a serial when I just clicked a channel where one serial was getting showcased in which the lady was standing in front of a photo of Mata in the middle of the road. Suddenly all of a sudden another elder lady came to show this lady direction because she was feeling directionless. The elder lady told the younger lady who was looking for direction that “Her destiny will change and she will be a savior. All her wishes have been fulfilled by the Goddess and now she should just look ahead”. At that same time, it was raining heavily outside. There were thunderstorms and lightning at the same time. The message was given. My eyes filled with tears. Divine guidance? I clicked on that random entertainment channel at around 11:40 PM at night to see just 5 minutes of that episode after which the serial got over. Was it a coincidence that there were thunderstorms and lightning at the same time when that single message was being given? How is this possible? He is there. The man whom I cannot see, the divine who is invisible, the God who exists in me, the person whom I can feel When I know what I know and don’t know how do I know. I know he is there. The invisible realm guides me in ways that are hard for me to understand and my logical head cannot process any data.

I have felt two divine energies but then I question why do I keep suffering from all these health problems which take away the peace of my life. Why can’t I live a normal life? Why does abnormal stuff keep happening in my life? Why do I do things which I do and don’t know why I do? I forgot Sri Laxmi Narayani maa all along the journey and she wanted me to remember her because it was not just male energy but female energy too which touched me and entered my life in the year 2015. It was first male energy and then female energy. I don’t understand many things. I lost everything and when people close to me recall that incident all of a sudden it hurts the most. A new direction and a new life is something that I have always prayed for. I want to live a life where I will start a new life among new people. Life has tested me much more than usual and did convert me into an individual which is tough from the inside. Sometimes I don’t understand my own journey. I can’t understand why the cosmos wants me to be very tough from the inside. It tests me so much at times that I really break down and cry like crazy. I have given more tests than any normal person and cried so many times behind closed doors. I don’t know what next.

Everything which is not normal keeps happening in my life be it anything. Do I attract these incidents or does the universe place me in situations where I should be so that I can understand the next step of my journey and just keep walking without applying too much logic as to where the new road will lead me to? I can’t see anything which lies ahead of me, what I can see is just the present moment. The turns and curves are something that I cannot see. The invisible realm guarantees me a safe and happy journey into the unknown. When I want to label that I am a normal person I get an answer that I am different from every person who is living in the universe, Why? I don’t know. I have felt the divine light on 31st December 2015 when the image of Laxmi Narayani maa got converted into a very bright light. There were so many people there but God recognized me or my soul. I have a soul which is an entry card for me to visit any place that is not accessible to anyone. I can swipe that card and use it to travel to any place in the invisible realm because that soul belongs to “The man who changed my life for a lifetime”. I have worked for my manifestations but still can’t see anything in front of my eyes but still receive messages. I really need Good health now, God I am done with everything.

Was the message which was delivered to me on 28th December 2021 in the middle of the night just a coincidence or the invisible realm speaking to me because I needed it the most. I felt divine energy on 24th December 2021 and a big cat was sitting on my home boundary wall on 25th December. I saw the cat again sitting on the wall today i.e 29th of December. Cats have given me very specific messages at specific times. When I was seeing Karwa Chauth Video a cat was just meowing near my home. I forgot the rat. Rats too give me many messages at times when I am looking for answers. I think God has conspired to place all animals near me so that I maintain my sanity and keep doing my spiritual work. They know that this girl will go insane if her balance of mind is not maintained. I took such a long break from what I was doing that I think I have forgotten many things. New direction, new life, new work, new life partner along with a new me is my new destiny. With so much going on in my head I am going to enter 2022. When you add them it comes to 6. I see this number very often nowadays. I don’t know what it means but the invisible realm is giving me a very particular message. I think I will decode the message in the coming days.

When you surrender and trust the divine realm then they do maintain that invisible bond because few relationships have invisible threads attached which cannot be seen by normal human beings. Let’s see what the New Year 2022 holds for me in terms of my new life. Even when I don’t know what is next my God knows what is next and he is guiding me closer to my destination which I cannot see. Even when I want to brush off all the mental pictures in my head the invisible realm asks me to calm down and maintain my faith. You will understand what is faith when you are tested the most and still believe that there is someone looking after you and preventing you from falling down. I never understood the meaning of so many words and now it feels like they have become part of my life. Everything which is happening in my life is guiding me to a place I am meant to be. Though I apply too much logic at times and that is something that sets me off the right track but then I give in to my intuition and let the universe take over my journey because it is they who planned it with me being a part of it in the year 2016 but I don’t remember anything.

I gave a nod to my new path in the year 2016 when I was standing near my God in a different timeline with just my soul because my Body was lying in my home but my soul was there to discuss the future plan and also decide a time for its execution. The work is too big for my logical mind to accommodate so everything was planted in my subconscious mind purposely so that nothing overwhelmed me. I understand what it means when the cosmos dreams for you and sits inside of you to put its plan into action on divine time. I know it is not me but the invisible realm speaking through me and also expressing itself through me because when the time is right things have to happen. There are no ifs and buts. God’s are real people. There are so many people on the planet who are going through awakening since the creator is working on her energies. Since the work which is meant to be done is so massive that it will require a big team to execute it. How everything will happen and what role I will play in the divine work which is meant to happen is still a very big secret because until and unless the time is right the cosmos will not open that lock which has been lying locked for ages since a very long time.

There are many closed doors with too much information and every door has been locked with a code word. Only when one door opens another door will be available for unlocking. When the time is right and the planets align in a certain position all divine locks will be unlocked because it is not just the key that will open the lock but also the energy of the universe. When all energies are aligned then only things that are meant to happen will happen and no one in the entire universe can stop that. Try to be a part of the divine plan and not go against it because the fate of humanity has been decided and the world cannot function in the way it is doing now in the coming years. Change has to happen and it will happen and if you try to go against the universe then the sword is ready.

Is God real? I ask this question very often nowadays though I had many divine experiences. When nothing happens the way I planned I do doubt his actions. Friends when the divine plan is at work then no other plan will work other than the one which he has decided so it is better you adhere to it. I get all my answers in mysterious ways and I really don’t understand many things but let’s see what 2022 is going to bring in my life and the life of everyone else.

Be happy. The divine plan is at Work. Happy New year 2022.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m