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An Experience of a Lifetime - My association with God

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-06-24 17:42

Today I wanted to write about myself and my association with the divine energy who was and is always with me guiding me and helping me in all possible ways. I have got a big association with God from the time I understood that there is something which is much beyond this realm and that is God. You pray to him, love him and get associated with him, he will give you peace and love in return. All prayers are not answered by God, neither are all wishes fulfilled but there is a reason behind everything. I was born on 25th October 1979 and till 27th December 2015 I would say there was nothing which was different in my life regarding my association with God but after I visited Tirupati Balaji Temple and then Golden Temple on 31st December 2015 my life has changed. I feel as a new human being reborn in the same body and growing every day or I would say maturing every day. I don't know what happened to me but there is something inside me which has changed though I may look the same from the outside I am quite different from inside. The sight of Sri Balaji and Laxmi Narayani Maa has changed me. Though I have written a lot about my experiences in my previous articles, today I feel like digging into those memories and producing a different piece. When I sat near the statue of Laxmi Narayani Maa I looked very closely at her. I have felt her presence in Golden Temple Sripuram and that feeling has totally changed me.

I have also felt the presence of Lord Balaji in Tirupati. God has showered his love on me and I am a different being. From 2016 onwards my life has completely changed and my perspective towards life has also changed. As regarding my connection with God, It has got stronger than before. I brought the photograph of Sri Laxmi Narayani Maa and Sri Ananth Padmanabha Swamy God with me. People say you should do meditation to experience a different level of consciousness but frankly speaking I don’t have any idea of how to do meditation but yes I do Yoga. When I do yoga I am fully engrossed in my postures with full dedication. It is as I am praying to my God at that time. For me doing yoga is very scared and I feel much more connected to myself when I do yoga. I can feel different energies around me. I have got a strong intuition and I can feel something if I want an answer to my question. You people must be thinking that God would have answered all my prayers. “No” absolutely not it is not that way, though God listens to me, at the end he does what he feels correct and looks after my overall well being. I love him. I have felt the bright light around God’s photograph at my home. If this is the way God chose to connect with me then let it be that way. I never had such experiences before 2016 though I am the same person.

My feelings towards everything has changed. People say if you meditate than only you can experience God then I would say God chose me for something which is much beyond what I can imagine and that is the only reason he gave me his divine love. He has shown grace over me in multiple ways. I have done Mantra Meditation to overcome my depression in the year 2017 and I have felt a very bright light near me. For me, God is an invisible friend who does not speak directly to me but is there always for me. When I am stuck or feel lonely he comes to help me. When I can see no way out of the problems he just lifts me up with both hands. I have got a guardian Angel line in my hand. According to astrology, it is a protection line given as a gift to you by God. Whenever I am stuck some or the other person has helped me out, be it friends, family or simply unknown people whom I do not know and have met for the first time.

My body’s vibration and my whole being shake when I connect to him. My experience and feelings are something which I cannot explain in words but they are very different than usual everyday experiences. When you connect with your God and want him to show his grace upon you, do it deeply from your heart so that when he showers his unlimited grace on you, you are overwhelmed with it. His grace will fill your whole life and you will not be the same again. I am happy with everything God gave me. I know there must be reasons why he gave me something which others get after long years of meditation but then I feel God gave me my gift of a lifetime and there is more to come in the coming days.

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