Establish a good connection with God and form a full loop

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Infinite Loop

I was going through an article today which stated that human beings have a frequency of 20 to 20,000 Hz while God’s have a frequency of around 40 MHz. one Mhz is equal to 1 million Hz. Establish a good connection with your God and complete the loop so that you can connect with the very source of creation. Now every person is different and unique and hence their energies are different. Your body’s vibration attracts a certain frequency from the universe. That frequency or thoughts which are generated in the head is transmitted into the universe and hence the loop of communication completes itself. You vibrate at a certain frequency which is governed by your body’s DNA so when you want to change your body’s frequency you have to work on your own self or I would say do inner work so that you can change your frequency. When you take charge of your life you can create wonders in your life. You have the power to become one with the divine but then there are conditions attached because you have to transcend all boundaries to become one with him. You have to tear that cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly but then you have to go through a complete transformation. The process of transformation is a painful one because if you want divinity in your life than you have to give your 100% and try to get him in your life.

The loop will complete itself because when you resonate with a certain frequency you communicate with the very source of creation. That loop is the symbol of infinity which has the power to bestow you with complete abundance if you have the power to attract the very source of creation into your life. This symbol of infinity represents universal knowledge and infinite abundance because there is no lack with the source of creation but then you will get everything according to your destiny. Even God cannot deny you your destiny nor give you much more than that and if you want more than you have to change your destiny by becoming one with the divine. If he chooses to be in your life or chooses you for a purpose and you strike a chord with him then he will be in your life and will surprise you in multiple ways because the loop is always complete, there are no loose ends. The universe communicates with every person according to his intelligence and thinking. The more you evolve yourself by means of inner engineering or inner work the more you get closer to divinity You can transform your total being by changing your DNA because gods have given you a part of himself in the form of God’s DNA. You have the power to replicate God’s DNA or let it sit idle. God gave one life so become an explorer. Explore yourself and build a new you which is hard to recognize even by God’s themselves. Let the source of creation feel proud that you are his creation.

When you transcend all boundaries you complete the loop with the very source of creation and establish 100% communication with him but then it is his choice. Now you have to adjust for him. Life is full of possibilities. It is you discovering yourself or him finding you and wanting to be in your life is a concept which I move ahead with. God always establish a good connection with you when he is in your life. When you establish a good connection with God he communicates with you through everything or people around you in mysterious ways. He is omnipresent and he will make his presence felt all the time. Yes, when I forget to eat my food my neighbor reminds me that I should eat something. I just can’t understand how she knows that I have not eaten anything. There is no way she can find it since we are staying in two different houses. One day when I was busy with my work she came and gave dal to me. I could not continue my work after that and cooked something to eat then only I could get back to work. Mysterious things keep happening in my life nowadays. God has completed the loop and communicates with me.

It is absolutely your God’s choice as to what he wants to give to you. And when he has made a choice for you then there is no need to look back, just move ahead and make your dreams come true.

I am writing for such a long time and I hope I have established a cord with you people. If you are reading my article it means I have touched your life in some way. My purpose will be complete when each one of you gives your 100% to whatever you are doing and keeps improving. If you want to make this world a better place to live then you have to start acting and not just sit with all the creative thoughts in your mind. Those days are gone when you used to complain. Now Even God’s have descended down on earth so that she can support you. You do your part and you will get support. The biggest barrier which needs to be transcended in the barrier of your own thinking. You are a person with infinite capabilities. Do not limit yourself by your self-limiting beliefs but try to connect with the creator.

Get above anger, hatred, and jealousy and instead of trying to pull each other down connect with your inner self and transcend all boundaries to become one with the divine. When you overflow with happiness then you will pass on the same to other people. When you create happiness in your life and lives of others then you have achieved your purpose. When each one of you gets close to divinity then you will either manifest the very source of creation into your life or get his grace up to some extent and hence make your life better. We all can create heaven on earth and kick start a new era where there are goodness and divinity in every soul. Establish a good connection with God and complete the full loop.

The divine has extended his grace on this earth by being among you, now it is your time to do your work. Her presence will create a revolution and I think you all can feel that. Things have started changing and I can feel the new vibe. Now is the time to act as one and bring about a change in our own thinking and make making things happen. You can feel her and you know who she is. Now do you best work and change your life. It is also your responsibility to bring about a change in the lives of other people who cannot think beyond a certain limit. Spread your knowledge and do not fall prey to limited thinking. No one will steal your work. The universe is abundant the more you share the more knowledge you get. Like I always tell and I want to remind you all again that what is owed to you will come to you. It will just find its way into your life, no one can deny you your destiny so give your best. Give your 100%, work up to your full potential.

You want the change, even God’s wants the change that is the only reason they are working hard to complete the loop. Be the change you want to see. You need support, I think you can feel unseen energy supporting you and guiding you. If not then connect properly she is here to help you and achieve her only mission in this lifetime.

How far have you reached? Keep a check? The universe will ask you. Give your best and Smile.

Good Morning, Good Day, Life is good with infinite abundance. What do you say?

Celebrate Navaratri 2019 with full enthusiasm. See You.

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