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Energy is the only Reality in the Universe - Agree with Me?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2022-10-05 16:53
My Divine Wedding on Earth

I have got Bioscience background and I never studied energies or subjects related to it. I did not even read any of the ancient scriptures but life somehow landed me in the place where I am now. Nothing related to energies ever fascinated me but today I am the one who has a changed path, a new outlook on life, and a different mindset to explore the only reality i.e energy. This entire universe was created by God by means of roar. The source of creation put its energy out there in the universe by means of sound which is vibration and hence a form of energy. The cosmic system which consists of stars, galaxies, various planets, and black holes started forming. Once things started taking shape the universe started stabilizing so that it could sustain itself on its own. It is very difficult for anyone to manage the ever-expanding cosmos if it does not reach stability on its own. If God have to interfere every time something is added to the cosmic system then they would have some extra work to do. The creator sorted out the maintenance problem by creating an energy web that has the capacity to balance on its own. Now let me ask you a question. Have you people blown soap bubbles? If you have then you will see that when the soap bubble is blown it stabilizes on its own. When it bursts it does so because the outside energies overpower the energies on the inside. Everything in the universe is made up of protons neutrons and electrons. One is positively charged, the other has no charge and the last one is negatively charged. One positive charged ion can hold the negatively charged ion along with the ion which carries no charge and it is the most stable form of existence because even if two are positively charged and one is negatively it will create disbalance.

There is no friction in the state of existence of atoms. These basic protons, electrons, and neutrons are the building blocks of every object which exists in the universe from big to small. Everything which you can see or cannot see is energy. Now let me give you a small example to show you how the universe reads your energy code. See one thing is for sure you can hide your true reality from the entire world but not God because he knows you much better than anyone else since he made you. If you are someone who practices integrity i.e doing the right things even when no one is keeping an eye on you then you will see that the source of creation will behave differently from you but if you are someone who has two faces then the source knows your true identity and it would never choose you for big tasks. You may be rich in this lifetime reaping benefits of good karmas of previous lifetimes but you will be the one who will suffer a lot in the coming births because of your present intentions and karmas. The source just read your energy code and for the existence, you are nothing more than a numeric code. You have a body but your soul is your true reality. The universe recognizes you by your soul code. If God comes on this earth by taking any form in anybody the universe will read the code and will know that it is the creator himself and hence it will rearrange the entire system in such a way that the creator is served well. Take the example of a yogi or just a normal person engrossed in deep Sadhna or meditation in the middle of a deep jungle or inside a house. The outside world maybe 100% unaware of that person but the energies of the universe knows and finds that man. The cosmos helps that person with the sadhana and helps him in self-realization if that is his true potential. The energies know what is happening in the entire universe.

When you sit in silence you will understand that the energies which are surrounding you are much smarter than you may think. You don’t have to give commands to them but they work on their own. Can a person get enlightened by reading textbooks? Then my answer is “No”. For you to get enlightened you need to work on your energies. The best part is that you cannot force your energies on anything nor the energies of the universe. They will see your spiritual growth and energies work on their own. You can provide the right kind of environment to it so that it raises your vibrations to the point that you get enlightened. Even Gautama Budhha could not force his enlightenment but it came to him when he surrendered to the process and sat under a peepal tree and the moon was rising from the other side because it was a full moon day. Even the best of souls had to follow the path of complete surrender to get something that is stored in our own system. The seed is there but it is you who has to decide whether you will grow it into a tree to reap fruits or let the tree sit inside the seed because you were too engrossed in living a life that looks successful to the outside world. Just do yourself a favor. Stop living picture-perfect life but start living a life where you feel happy living it. The energies will find you because it has no other option. The entire cosmos is loaded will information but can you decode and read it? No, it's not that simple. You need to tune yourself to the frequency which you want to access or else you can’t know what is lying next to you. There is a cosmic internet that exists in the entire universe and we are all connected to it but it is not accessible to everyone. Only enlightened souls can do that because the source of creation speaks to them in a language that their souls can understand. They are highly intuitive and can read the available information.

Don’t ask me how? There is a trick and the spiritually awakened person can do that. There is a difference between having loads of knowledge regarding something and you exploring everything without having too much knowledge about it. You let the cosmos teach you everything step by step because you connected yourself with the God force with full faith. Just remember one thing you need to prove yourself to the energies. This universe is much smarter than your think. The cosmos is much older than the advanced human civilization and hence the memory bank which you carry has no data on things that already exist in the cosmic system. It is accessible to you but your mind can’t understand anything because there is no data regarding that code. If you are someone who gets fascinated by the word yogi or enlightenment then you need to rely more on your intuition than your mind because it will land you in places where you will feel completely lost. We all are going to die someday so don’t fear death. If you are meant to live then no one can kill you. People say that enlightenment kills a person if he cannot handle that much energy. Just remember one thing if you are meant to survive then you will because the source of creation itself will find out a way to keep you alive so you don’t have to bother about what will happen to me or what’s the use if I am dead doing that.

When you approach a plant or an animal it reads you only by your energy. You must have heard many stories of Lord Krishna where he would attract all birds and animals to him and even the gopis of the village. He is called Shyam which means black. Lord Krishna had black skin color. What attracted everything towards him was the energy that he exuded in the cosmos and not what he looked like. People say he looked very beautiful. See when your energy is high people will find you attractive because you become a strong energy magnet. Magnets that are found in nature or which are man-made can attract only iron towards it but a human magnet can attract everything towards it. For your to transform into a high-energy magnet you need perfect alignment with the cosmos because then you can access everything which is available in the cosmos as well as manifest everything that you want. When you become part of the source yourself you have great responsibility resting on your shoulders and hence you won’t misuse any of the powers which are available to you. This human body is a Yantra a gateway to access the whole cosmos. You just have to find the key to unlock everything or else you will be sitting on a pot of gold but won’t be able to get access to it. The gods we worship in the temples are also programmed in a certain way so that they can bless you and give you higher access if you are available to it or else it is just a standing statue for you. You can go and worship it. The ancient people were highly knowledgeable so they created energy centers in the form of temples where you could just sit and recharge your energies but for that, you need to connect yourself to the power socket and people can’t find that since they are so much disconnected from their own selves. In the age where you will hardly find someone who can still himself and stay away from the distractions of the outside world get access to things which lay near him.

The last Avatar of lord Vishnu will have to literally play with the mindset of the people and show them their true reality which they have forgotten. It is again God’s energy finding manifestation into a body that has the power to hold that source code within it. It's just energy changing body time and again to do its work because the human race needs constant reminders to know their true divine self. The energy system is available to everyone so when you feel like ordering a new book to get spiritual. Just sit in Padmasana and connect with your inner self. Your inner engineering will transform your whole life so better start today because this life is much more than you and I know it to be.

Subh Bijoya. The Adventure Begins.

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