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Don’t know what's next in Life - Focus on your Energies

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-10-31 17:00
Happy 2nd Marriage Rashmi Priya

After going through the worst phase of my life I am 100% planning to change the entire course of my life. Swipe off everything which belongs to the past and get rid of every belonging which reminds me of the past. God gave one life so live it KING size. Stop crying and start living. Everything in your life won’t go your way. Your life is moving forward according to your will and the will of the cosmos. The only thing is you don’t know when the cosmic will has overpowered your choice. I don’t hide my age and have turned 43 on 25th October 2022. I have got a daughter who stays with my Ex. I have cried too much on many things and that’s the only reason I have got more experience dealing with my emotions. When you know what you want in life and what you want from life you won’t get distracted by anything. Remember happiness and loyalty can’t be purchased in any shop so stop chasing the wrong things in life and focus on your energies. You are the source of everything that exists in the universe. When you have worked on your energies with full dedication you know that the universe will serve you what you have asked for. You need to trust the invisible realm because when you seek the guidance of the cosmic realm they serve the best to you.

Ask, Believe and Recieve. The universe has no other option but to serve you what you have asked for once your vibrations match your manifestation. I won’t deny the fact that I love watching Youtube videos but I don’t accept every piece of information because working with energy for 5 years has taught me many things. There is much wrong information circulating and you really need to apply your own head when you listen to them. The number 369 is the code that lets you know that your manifestations will reach you once you match the vibration. Master number 3 is the universe, 6 is you and 9 is the reflection that you see in the world. Now let me explain to you by an example. If you want to get the success you have to do your work with full dedication without getting distracted by what is happening in the lives of other people. If you keep looking at what others are doing and get jealous and angry with them you won’t be victorious so the best thing is to be content and do your own work. Everything which you see in the outside world around you is the result of all the choices and hard work which went into making your dreams a living reality. You never do it alone but take help and guidance from the universe and hence fructify what you want in your life with the help of the divine realm therefore the number 3. The number 3 can also be assigned to lots of things because it can also represent the inner universe which exists also on the outside. 6 and 9 are mirror numbers. This cosmos is a complete mystery because when you get spiritual and connect with the universe you will start attracting everything which was just a dream in your life. When your vibrations change the universe starts behaving differently with you.

When you start seeing angel numbers in the outside world it is a reflection of your inner world which signifies that you are turning yourself into an energy magnet and attracting those things which you have asked for in your life. There are many numbers that exist around you but you get attracted to only specific numbers and you will find them everywhere because the universe starts giving the signs of your success even before you actually hold the thing physically. It is always between you and the cosmos so no need to get feared because when the invisible realm has promised it to you it will serve it to you. There is the active involvement of cosmic energy so you will always land up with real things. Getting divorced in my late thirties when people think they are finally settled was a very painful moment in my life. I am a very committed kind of person and would have made it till the end of my life if the other person would have cooperated to some extent. It was only when the other person gave up on everything that things ended very abruptly. I don’t have any idea about other religions or other people. Their thoughts on compatibility and everything which keeps circulating on the internet. I know only one thing that to make a relationship work you cannot go by any rule book because every person is different and so is the relationship. It is you who has to decide what should be done. Don’t take too many opinions from other people because they don’t have an idea of your full story. A relationship is such a thing that you can never run it by comparison or rule book.

When you have lived the pains you get stronger and shut the past. Forgive the person and let go of him so that you are ready for a fresh start. More than you your parents will be shocked because they get more stressed seeing your single status. After you have made peace with your past and don’t know what is next in life it is time for you to focus on your energies. You can trust the universe blindly. Have faith that when the universe manifests something for you it will be a genuine product. When you start focusing on your inner self you will find a change happening on the outside. You will bump into people or things that you have asked for after working on yourself for a certain amount of time. It can take any amount of time depending on what you have asked for. Even if it is something very big it does not matter because when your vibrations match with your manifestation the cosmos will deliver. It is only when you have asked for something which cannot be conceptualized in any human brain that the universe will make you awaken your energies and put you in a certain amount of wait period because it knows to give you what you have asked for may cost you your life and they can’t take the risk. Once you have reached a stage where the universe cannot test you any further then a complete U-turn will happen in your life. You need to trust and have faith in your inner work your energies and your prayers. Yeah, it is true that your energy work will attract even the past. You should not get distracted and make things very clear that a Goodbye means a final bye and no looking back. When your intentions and your head in clear you will have Lazer sharp focus and perfect manifestation.

You need to set strong intentions and not waiver your head, manifestation has to happen. How the universe or God will give you what you have asked for is something that is known only by the divine energies so you have to keep an open mind and work on your energies with full commitment. Once you align your energies with the cosmic energies you can function as a creator yourself. I am working on my energies and am ready to experiment with everything I have learned and put it into practice because when you have nothing to lose you can risk it all. I don’t have any idea as to what happens when you fully align with the energies of the universe. What changes happen in your own body and mind which make you available to grace and miracles because now the universe and you share the same energies and brain? The work which I have dreamt of doing in the world will fructify into a living reality when I put all the puzzle pieces in the right place. Though I don’t have an idea of many things I know the cosmic realm is aware of the bigger picture and will provide me with full guidance. You are the Divine creator with a perishable body so it is better you look at yourself as a divine being rather than a normal being so that you are more successful than your own imagination. You can burn all your past life karmas and manifest a completely different life for you. It is all possible so it is better that you get spiritual and change your own destiny so that you and the divine realm sit on the same chair and say a warm “Hello” to each other.

Bonjour - Beginning of New Divine Era

Born to change the World. Who Am I?

You will get an answer. Good Night.

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