The Divine world which connects everything in the Universe

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I have mostly visited South Indian temples and I firmly believe that temples are the gateway to the divine. It establishes a direct connection between you and God but the only criteria is that you should visit that sacred place with the right mindset and energies. God will grant your wishes even if you lack certain energies within you but possess the right mindset and have a good heart. Always remember “Power” is given only to those people who will not misuse it and when you talk about divine powers then the universe will test to your core and check how strong you are. Mind it, here I am talking about your mental strength and not physical strength. The universe can read you inside out. Temples are energy centers and are a place to connect with the invisible realm which exists near you but you are not much aware of it. They are constructed keeping in mind the cosmic geometry that connects with your inner geometry and aligns you so that you can get what you want and realize your dreams.

Everything in the universe is connected by God’s Wi-Fi. Have you ever thought about how you are able to connect with everything in the existence? Much before cell phones were invented people used to communicate with each other. How? The answer is by the power of their mind. Actually, the biggest problem is the more you are getting technologically advanced you are forgetting that you are much stronger than you think. The Garbha-Griha where the actual statute of God is place is very powerful because it is placed in that position after calculating all the angles so that the divine energies are present there. When the statue is consecrated it acts like a living being that has to be kept alive by practicing certain rituals. I am sure there may be ways in which you can bring certain energies to a place that needs no ritual for its existence. You bring the energies and just place it where it needs to be placed. I have not read any religious texts but I have worked a lot on my energies so I am quite sure about it.

When you visit a sacred place then the energy centers within you which are misaligned attract the energy from the place which starts working on your system and uplifts you. God’s are real so when you fold your hands in front of him feel his energy. He will respond to you in ways you can never imagine. The extent to which you can imagine something is the limitation that decides what you will pray for and achieve in the world. Every person receives the grace of God according to his faith and energies. I know there are few people who will come up with the fact that corrupt people also receive the grace of God. “Yes,” I agree but remember no one can surpass God’s plan. One day that person will bend down on his knees and ask for death because his life will become very miserable. No one projects the reality in front of the whole world but it is them and the creator who knows the truth so be on the right path.

You will see there are certain structures that are constructed at the top of the temple. They are there for a reason. When you will visit ancient temples which are 5000 or 10,000 years old you will see that their shape and artwork are very different from the ones which have been constructed in modern times. Everything exists for a reason. When you do “Prana Pratishtha” of a certain deity they really exist there and when you connect it with your faith then your wishes start taking shape in the invisible realm but you cannot see it because it still exists in energy form and is yet to take a physical form. When you connect your own Wi-Fi with the one which exists in the universe you start receiving signs in the form of repeated numbers, synchronicities, and various other messages. Your imagination is very powerful and when you give your life energies to it you can make it real. Can everyone do that? “No”. Because you need unwavering focus, the concentration of mind, strong willpower, and faith that what you have asked for has to be granted by the universe. When you have worked on your energies you know your true reality.

God gives you energies or awakens you for the work which you are meant to do in this world. Every being who is changing the world or has become aware of his energy at a certain age could do that because it was “God’s will”. Even if you pray for 100 lifetimes and the invisible realm does not think you are fit for what you are asking for. It will just deny you the divine energies which you are working for. The universe is very intelligent. When you awaken your energies through yoga and meditation you start connecting with the cosmos which exists near you. God’s are near you but can you feel their energy? The answer is “No” but can you feel the same energy when you go to a temple? The answer is “Yes”. The reason being you are in a consecrated space and you can feel it. When you raise your vibrations you can see and feel things that no one else around you can. A person who resonates at high vibration emits a different kind of energy and it is the gift of God. You will feel it if you have been near someone who is vibrating at a high frequency because your body will catch that vibration. It does not matter how they look but you will get attracted to that energy.

When you are working on your energies you are simply growing invisible roots that are connecting you with the cosmos. That is something that no one can see. When you have a great dream and you keep wondering how do you make things happen. Have faith that the invisible realm will hold your hands and take you to places where you are meant to be and connect you with people who will play key roles in making your dreams real. Distance does not matters because the invisible web of divinity connects everything in the universe, even stars, and galaxies. Do not lose focus. Have Faith and you will be guided.

I remember an incident from December 2015. I went to ISKCON Temple at Tirupati to purchase something for my puja room. Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy God’s photo was hanging in one corner of the store and it was only that photo frame that caught my attention and nothing else. I purchased it. Did I choose that frame or my God chose me to own it so that I can work on my divine self is it still a big question that is still in my mind? And even if my god chose me then why me? Why not someone else? My God chose me from billions of people who are alive on earth. There are many unanswered questions but I know only one thing the divine world is very strong and it connects each one of us to an extent which we cannot even imagine.

When you close your eyes to meditate connect with him because when you know him you know everything which is there in the cosmos. Even though you may not be fully aware of it but your subconscious mind knows.

Be spiritual because when he reveals himself he shows his true power. Are you ready to witness him in front of you?

See you all.

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