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Divine Time - Just a concept or an actual Reality?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2022-10-09 16:33
Victory - All Wishes granted

Divine time is the time when the universe serves you with your manifestation. The concept of time is still unclear to me because even if you measure time then in respect to what. There are many theories and conclusions I have drawn but none of them clears my doubt. But here I am discussing divine time. This human body is just vibrations so when you work on anything which you desire to have in your life through the Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration, or just by means of pure intentions then it will be served to you. Still, you have to match your vibrations to your manifestations. There are various examples of many people who say that they followed very few techniques and manifested what they truly desired in their life while there are examples of many who did all techniques but still couldn't manifest what they really wanted. The above rules are tried and tested so they have to work. You should never be in doubt as to whether you will get what you asked for. Just have faith and even when you have moments when you really doubt that you may not be worth your manifestation then you need to chill and just relax. Get past your fear. Divine Time comes into play when it is time for all the methods or techniques which you have used for the fulfillment of your wishes to yield. According to me, the universe knows when it will be best to give you what you have asked for or how much time it will take for you to manifest your true desires. This cosmos is very smart. If you want to speed up the divine time which is not possible many times but a few times the universe gives you an option to tweak your manifestations faster than you have to make sure that you stay in the right frame of mind because you should be at an equal wavelength of your true desire so that the higher realm has no other option but to serve and fulfill your dreams.

You have to understand the fact that you are the source of everything that exists in the outer world so when you need to match your frequency you need to look at yourself and not others. I always thought that I can control everything in my life from the outside but it is very later in life that I realize that everything is within. Divine time can present itself before you when you are still in the process of your work or wondering if things are ever going to happen. The divine realm can just send you into a state of a jerk by awakening you from your deep sleep making you stand before what you asked for and you keep wondering how it actually happened. It is said that you can’t understand the universe and its way of working. It is moving mountains for you in the background because you have faith and you trust the invisible realm fully. Things will happen out of the blue moon and they will show signs before manifesting. You will see a repeated pattern of numbers, various symbols, a certain message repeating itself again and again, birds feathers, dragonflies, and butterflies landing near you out of nowhere, dandelion seeds, hearing a message on television, or just receiving a certain message from your loved ones on a certain date and time. You will see synchronicities showing up and these messages will find you. You don’t have to go looking for them but they will come looking for you and just hit you. I asked the universe just for 3 things and have worked with full sincerity up to the extent I can to manifest it into a true reality. After a long time, there is an inner knowing that things will happen. There are moments of doubt that creeps in but still, I believe that God will give me what I have asked for. Everyone around you can lose hope but you should be rest assured that what you have asked for is going to come.

I asked for all 3 things at once and that’s the only reason that I had to wait for a very long time because my inner awakening took a long time. I could not fasten up the process because inner work is more energy work and you cannot command your energies to work at your ease. I know there are many people conspiring behind my back but I trust my God that he will take care of everything because that is the amount of faith I have in him and we have a strong bond which many people are not aware of. What they are forgetting is they are trying to play with a live wire which will burn them later if they mess too much with it. I used to fear a lot many things 6 years back but now I have developed lots of confidence. I handled everything singlehandedly when it was needed so I know I can handle extremes but I don’t have to do that now because I have a rewritten destiny. I asked my God to revise my destiny and he did it on his own terms and conditions. I am quite ok with it because I have shut down the past completely and everything which is related to it will be closed down soon i.e my bank account and the house which was transferred to me after things ended. I am planning to sell the house because there are just memories of the past and I don’t want to relive anything which did not serve me. The best part is that no one can play blame games with me because I tried my best to recover the lost relationship in the year 2017 itself but nothing worked so now the burnt past with just ashes remaining should be submerged in river Ganga so that Lord Shiva can take care of it.

Even after doing Sadhna for a very long time, there are many things that are still unfolding in front of me, and divine time according to me is when you are at the perfect place at the perfect time without a second of delay so that you can receive what you asked for or meet the one whom you desired to meet. I don’t think anyone can understand the working of the universe since it is very vast and God is a person who is very reachable but invisible. Those people who realized God when they were still alive could do that in a trans-state when they were not aware of their own being, That energy is very powerful but still, no one understands it. This body is a great tool for you to experience the realm which is outside the reach of the five senses but for that you need to enhance your perception through yoga and meditation and align with the sacred geometry which holds everything in its own place. No one is born with all energies aligned in the right place. Even if you are someone who is meant to do great work in the world the universe will make sure that you put in the required effort. It will provide you necessary guidance at the right time but it will make you do the work so that you are confident that you did it for yourself with the help of divine energies. Even God was not spared because when Sri Krishna was born he was born like any other human being but with a spark of divine qualities. Even he had to do intense Sadhna to conduct his work gracefully and serve his role as God.

God is a super soul. For a normal soul to convert into a super soul requires Tapasya or burning from the inside just as charcoal is converted into a diamond under extreme temperature and pressure. If you can’t handle the pressure then you can’t aim for bigger things because when you occupy the top-notch place in the world you will have to handle that level of responsibility. Why some people become very rich while others work hard and still can’t make it has much to do with how much they can handle in life. It is difficult to understand the mind of God so be truthful in your inner work or inner engineering so that the universe knows and you know that it is divine time for you to receive your manifestations. This divine play is the concept of the higher realm where you and I are simply putting one step ahead of the other while the divine has created the entire web and carved all the paths so you better stay in your lane and do everything with integrity because it is not you who constructed the matrix but the creator himself.

Happy Manifestations. Congratulations on your Dreams transforming into a living Reality. Subh Ratri.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m