A Divine person in the making - Become the Key

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2021-11-09 17:29
Divine Key

I know who I am but I am not who you think I am. My existence was written much before my birth. When my soul decided to be born through my mom I had made the decision to be a part of the earthly plane. It was not my sole decision but the decision was made in companionship with my God who promised to join me completely in the middle of my journey for a new beginning which would change my world, the world in which we exist and also the new world which will be created according to cosmic will. I still question myself every day, Who am I? I am not the girl which existed inside this body before 27th December 2021 but a new person. Everything which I experience nowadays and have been experiencing since 31st December 2015 is absolutely different. The person which existed in me never understood these concepts nor had such divine experiences. What changed inside of me in 3 days time period that transformed my complete being and I walked on a path which I never thought of or imagined even in my dreams. Sometimes it feels like I am just living my life or walking on a new path and the divine is placing everything in my life in an order so that I can be transformed into a person who is completely eligible to achieve her purpose.

I don’t know many things. I am not even aware of what is next. When I touch the flowers in my Puja room I can feel their vibration. I can sense it. My changed personality cannot be perceived even by my head because when my logical mind cannot put my experiences in any frame it just gives the label of “illogical” and hallucination. Do I hallucinate so much or my changed personality has connected me to something which cannot be perceived by people in the 3D world? When I listened to Sadhguru Ji's experience where he talks about his changed personality in a matter of 24 hours’ time period and how things just progressed and he was not the same man. He was a transformed person with different capabilities which got him the popular name of “Mystic”. I really don’t understand why these kinds of thoughts make a lot of sense to me nowadays. I had drawn the sketch of my future self and merged it with the man who changed my life for a lifetime because he wanted me to do that. I really don’t know why? He wanted me to see myself the way I never saw myself because he said my purpose demanded that. I don’t know how much I will be transformed by thinking about the person which my God wants me to see in me. Then again the same question arises, Who am I?

The man who changed my life for a lifetime wants me to be transformed into a being who can bring a massive change. How? I don’t know. I am not aware of so many things. My God says that it was a part of his divine plan and I have to adhere to it. I was made a part of the plan which is beyond my own understanding. I am still transforming and sometimes I feel lost and completely stuck. When my head is not working I feel I am distracted. I took a break from social media so that I can focus my attention on my dream which is larger than life. I can catch up with everything later but I have to show up on divine time and answer my God because he will be waiting at a particular destination on divine time for me and impart me further direction and knowledge. I can’t stop even if I feel lost.

When you become the key a lot of things open up for you from the invisible world which only you can feel and see because you have raised your frequencies and vibrations to the extent where otherworldly beings are left with no other option but to share their world with you. Even when you don’t understand your journey much, just keep moving. You put your effort even when you feel you are not working hard enough while the rest of the world is just killing it. Try to keep calm in moments when you just want to stop because the future which you will be creating with the help of other extraordinary beings is everyone’s dream and not just yours. When you know you have to and you don’t have any options just keep progressing.When you rewire your brain a completely new world opens up for you, a creation that is hidden from the people who cannot see non-physical things. It feels like an alien in a place where I have spent such a long time. When you change your physical body and energy through yoga and meditation you change your frequency and vibrations.

There are various invisible objects and frequencies that get attracted to you and you can feel it. I always thought about how different was an “awakened being” from a normal human being? Now I have my answers. Even if you read thousands of books you can’t understand what it feels to be in that place you are reading about. It is absolutely a different kind of experience that cannot be expressed in words and you can’t even prove that to any living being. When you rewire your brain and also work on yourself consistently and believe something to be real even when it is still in the making, you are actually calling that image inside your mind into living existence. I am not aware of many things. You have the option of transforming yourself into a key that can open all the locks which need to be opened for the achievement of your divine purpose because there is a code for everything and you literally have to decode the code and open the lock by following your intuition because the universe speaks in a very different language.

I question the capability of a human being very often. If a human being can manufacture a highly sophisticated machine then this being has high levels of transformation because this body is a yantra that is running on its own without too much intervention from our side. I have read in all texts that the soul which resides inside our body has God-like capabilities then why can’t every human being transform himself into God. I don’t think there must be any human being alive on this planet who does not loves to have God-like capabilities. What is that something which differentiates that one divine being from the masses which is loved and adored by his God? That being must have something which is missing in every other being alive on this earth. These are some questions that arise in my head and I think we all are so much entangled in our own self-created world that we forget we are much more than the body.

I read somewhere that when the human baby is still forming itself inside the womb it resembles every living creature on this planet and then actually starts looking like a human after several weeks. It simply means that evolution has left its memory in the DNA of our body and we all can try and understand it by connecting with the very source of creation. Nothing is hidden. Everything is available to you but everyone cannot access the knowledge which exists in the form of code. When I became aware of what my God gave me my eyes filled with tears. Thank your God much more than often because when his grace touches you, you can feel it. You know you are not the same being, you know that divine light which you saw very often was real and it was not your hallucination or dream but a reality. The invisible world said a “Hello” to you in the middle of the night when you were busy with all other work and you keep wondering why 40 Watt bulb is glowing like a 100 Watt bulb. Yes, it has happened to me. I know what it feels when you see something for the first time which was just in your imagination and when you try to google it out you come to know that your experiences are real.

When your frequencies match with your soul tribe you can understand them. When symbols, signs, numbers, and objects convey you a message you know you have transcended your own boundaries. Everything in this universe is energy. When a divine being meditates it creates a massive change in space and time which cannot be explained by any logical head. Your energy body extends much beyond your physical body. If your energies are aligned you can help other people in aligning their energies, do energy healing, and even align misaligned energies of the planet. What is possible and what is not? I don’t know. I don’t know many things but I don’t have many options and I am not looking for options either. I don’t know which planet aligned in the right position for me to change my entire being but one thing is for sure it was successful in achieving its target and goal.

Life is a journey and everything which is happening in your life is happening so that you can clear your karmas and transform yourself into a being who is capable of achieving his divine purpose. When you feel like fighting with your God, just go ahead and do that so that he makes you aware of how much he loves you. When you are intuitively guided to raise your head or look in a particular direction just go ahead and do that. You will see that the cosmic world has got some specific messages for you. Sometimes I look into a direction I am guided to and can feel an energy there. I have no idea why that energy came to see me or is near me and wants me to give it attention on odd timings.

Transform yourself into a key that can open invisible locks because an invisible key is meant to open all divine locks which cannot be accessed by any human being. Welcome to the New Divine world.

Thanks to the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime, Anantha”. I exit because you made me exist. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ………. And The divine journey continues …..

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