Destiny Works on perfect timings

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2017-12-11 16:40

I have faith in destiny and God’s timing to make something happen or to bring something in our life. Something which is meant for me will be in my life no matter what and things which are not meant to be in my life will simply leave. I have seen things happening in my own life. I cannot change circumstances or situations, what I can do best is to adapt to them. Things will happen because they have to happen, God’s timing is perfect. You will be available at a place at a correct timing and will meet someone you never thought of? Things which are meant to be in your life will appear in your life all of a sudden from nowhere and you will keep wondering as to what is happening in your life.

My Father in Law students visited United States (US) and they brought chocolates from there. My mother is law couriered some of the chocolates to us. We stay at Nagpur. I ate few and others were eaten by my husband and daughter but there was one Dark chocolate which no one ate as it was bitter with more cocoa. I ate it. That dark chocolate was meant only for me that is the only reason no one other than me could eat it. That dark chocolate which was made in US was written in my destiny so it traveled all the way from US to India and finally to Nagpur. I really get amazed when I think about these small incidences.

I visited Reliance Fresh on Saturday and there was an offer going on for Dates. I like eating Dates but since I had already purchased it last week so I did not purchase it this time. I completed my shopping and went to the billing counter. I waited for my turn. The billing boy insisted me to buy dates since there was an offer going on and I would be benefited. I said “No” and all of a sudden he opened a pack and offered me to have one. I just picked one and ate it. I was there to eat my piece of date on a particular day at a particular time and at a particular place. I did my billing and left.

In another incidence, My neighborhood aunt's sister in law had brought cookies from Hyderabad. The box of cookies was lying on the dining table. I asked aunty could I have one of those cookies. She said “Sure”. I took two cookies since I liked its taste. The cookies which I ate were meant for me and had traveled all the way from Hyderabad to my neighborhood so that I could eat it.

My Friend’s husband visited Dubai. He brought chocolates from Dubai on the occasion of Diwali. She gave me 5 chocolates from a pack and distributed other among her other friends. The chocolates were so tasty that I ate all of them.

I remember one more incidence in which my mother in law had brought two full hands T’shirts for me from Germany in the year 2012. I did not wear them since I did not like wearing full hands T-shirts. I packed it for donation to an Anath Ashram so that someone else could wear it. I gave it to my husband but he took out those two T-Shirts so that my daughter could wear it. That T-shirt was lying in my husband's office for complete 5 years. One day he brought them home. I am wearing those full hand T-shirts during winters now. Those T-shirts which arrived in the year 2012 were meant to be worn in the year 2017 so it was with me and never left me though I tried my level best.

After giving a deep thinking on what had happened I thought of writing about my experience about destiny and God’s perfect timing. Things will not happen before and not after but at the correct time. I have learned big lessons of my life by simply studying my past. I have developed patience and I do believe in God’s timing. I also want to cite the example of my own younger sister. She suffered from severe stomach ache. The problem would start all of a sudden and then just disappear. She got an MRI scan done and nothing came. All the reports were normal but she had sudden stomach aches which were unbearable for her. None of us could understand what was happening. She was doing a job in Bangalore. My dad went and brought her to our hometown Jamshedpur. One day my elder sister’s husband brought a pandit. My dad explained the whole problem to him. He did certain pujas along with mom and my sister. And that stomach pain just disappeared and never ever occurred to my sister again. God knows what he did? Dad had spent thousands of rupees on her treatment with no relief. We all were getting very disheartened since dad was planning to marry her. How would he marry her with this problem? He was very tensed with everything and all of a sudden like God listened to him and things happened in his life. Now my sister is happily married to a handsome guy.

How God will make things happen in our life is something which is very unpredictable. I simply believe when he has to make things happen he will make it happen in spite of all odds. I do believe in Karma but Destiny cannot be ruled out. Something which is written in our fate is sure to happen, it is all upon us how better we can cope with our circumstance when something bad happens to us. I think all the puja, Mantra chanting and Meditation which we do helps us a lot to tide over these difficult times. God helps us with his blessings when we remember him so that we can tide over difficult times and live a good life. God never wants to break us he just wants us to become a better version of ourselves so that we can live a peaceful life with harmony.

I have total faith in my God but sometimes my faith also gets shaken when lots of difficulties pour in my life and at these moments I get my answers. There are times when I had lost faith in what God was doing for me but then I had my faith restored and God showed me the right path. God never let me wander away from my path. He always brings me on the right track whenever I lose my track and that is the only reason I have full faith in him. He loves me and I love him. I know whatever he will choose for me will be the best for me. I know his decision will be the best for me. Though sometimes I cannot see good in whatever is happening in my life but I know he has planned a good life for me. My faith in my God has strengthened with time because life has broken me several times but it is only with the grace of God that I have lifted myself from the dust and picked up all the scattered pieces of myself from the ground, glued everything and have started all over again in my life with a smiling face.

I believe in living life 100 % whatever may be the circumstances. Do not cry for anyone or anything. God will give you something better or a better version of the same person. You never know what God planned for you so have faith and smile, that is what I do. I do my work, pray and smile because I know I will attract good things in my life with a happy face than a sad one. Sadness and grief will take away all good things from me and it will make my life worse while on the other hand when I welcome everything with a happy face, my life will be better. I have faced the worst in life which very few can imagine but I never lost my heart. I have cried and spent many sleepless nights because of my misery but then I have calmed down and have faced everything in my life with a brave heart. I have faith in God and I have faith in his perfect time. I know when things are meant to happen in my life they will just happen. Even if I cry endlessly nothing is going to happen until the perfect time has come. I trust the divine and I trust divine timing. I know the divine is doing is work and when I do my best he will make good things happen in my life. I have Faith.

Be Your Best and Live Your Best. God loves You.

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