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On a date with destiny - Open the closed door

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2021-11-03 17:30

This is my second life. The identity with which I was born transcended and left my body somewhere in the year 2018 when I was on the verge of dying. I would have skipped that one breath and left for heavenly abode when “The man who changed my life for a lifetime” added his breath so that the cycle does not break. My life is the gift of the divine to me because I cannot leave this planet till I have achieved the only purpose for which I am born. My God never shied away from breaking me down to pieces so that I could rebuild myself from those broken pieces. He toughened me internally and I never had much idea about it. I have endured pain to the extent when it is easy to say goodbye to my life than live it. I am a simple girl and I don’t believe in complex things so when my bond broke it tore me down to pieces. God rest assured me that I will get everything back in my life but not the way I wanted it but in a completely different manner. I can’t understand so many things but I have faith and never lose hope because what is meant to be will be and if something is meant to be in my life it will be because the universe itself will hand it over to me.

I was meditating the day before yesterday when I fell asleep. I heard a voice “Rashmi I want to go on a date with you”. I asked, “Who is it”. It's your destiny came the voice. I said “Fine”. I have waited for a long time to talk with you. When do you want to date me was my question? Now, came the reply. I can see only one chair and a table set up in a big garden. I can’t see much because everything else is covered in darkness. I can also see “Anantha” standing near the table. I reached the place on time and I could see destiny catching pace with me and it sat on that chair. I am still thinking in my head as to where I will be sitting. Then I saw my God sitting on top of destiny and fully engulfing it inside of him. I was a bit angry now with Anantha since I wanted to have a long conversation with my destiny and now since it became one with God I could not talk to it anymore. I had made so many plans about the date. I asked Anantha “Why do you do that”? There was no answer and as I was planning to talk to him. I found myself in the year 2016. I really don’t understand why I keep going back to the year 2016. What is it that my God wants me to get aware of? Did I miss a lesson or I am doing time travel into the past, present, and future?

“Rashmi open your eyes” came the voice. I opened my eyes and thought I was meditating in the year 2021 but I found I had flipped time and I was dating destiny in the year 2016 while I was still standing near the photo frame of Sri Anantha Padmananbhaswamy God. I could clearly see that he had engulfed my destiny and merged his energies. The only picture which I could not see clearly was with whom. There was so much going inside my head when Anantha asked me to wake up since I was sleeping in a standing position that too on a date with destiny. I woke up and I could see my God still sitting calmly on the chair. He said do you want to ask me something. Yes, Anantha there are so many questions still running inside my head. As I am about to ask my first question. Anantha said, “Rashmi why don’t you sit down”? I can’t see the second chair so I am happy standing.
I knew this man had something going on inside his head since there was a big question mark on his face. I could see him clearly because I too transcended various boundaries for the achievement of my divine purpose.
Anantha speaks “Everything which is happening, has happened or will happen in the entire universe” happens with my wish. It was my plan to be a part of your world and my choice to be in your life and not yours. I said I knew that very well. “Rashmi do you know me fully” came the voice. No, I don’t know you fully but yes I do want to know you.

Anantha says “When you saw my photo frame you wanted to own it and discarded everything else, Do you know why?” I had no answer. I am listening patiently and I am feeling nauseated. I have no idea when I sat on that one chair that was meant for my date on which my God was sitting. People discovered my treasure in the year 2011 and it was me who wanted to reveal myself to the world. It was part of my plan. I knew this because the first thing which I did after meeting with Anantha was to find out about his existence. While I am still lost in my thoughts, Anantha asks me How old are you? I said I am 42 years old. Your date of birth - 25th October 1979. When did your energies reactivate? I answered in the year 2019. The date which you saw in the movie - 25 19 and the date which you saw on the jewelry bag of your mom - 1925. As I am still lost in my mind and trying to remember all the dates. He replied I answered your question. I asked which one. There was a message with that date. I replied, “Yes I remember”. Good, remember the message.

I know how often I see these numbers 11, 11 11, and 111 everywhere I go. That closed door is not yet open and it needs to be opened. He replied “Yes I know” but it belongs only to me so it can’t be accessed by any living being. Rashmi Do you think it is a cursed door? I said “No”. Definitely not. This temple was built at the start of Kalyug and was built for a very specific reason and I think I was getting aware of the reason. I still can’t understand the relationship between me, the closed door, my God, and the numbers which I see very often but they mean something. Now the numbers have started communicating something and I have to find out why? My God said it is your job and you do that. I am still wondering what to do next since my head is aching and I can’t stand from that chair. My God lifted me up but now the biggest problem is I can’t see him. Where has he gone? The date got over and I understood it when I regained my consciousness and I could see myself standing near my God’s image. Oh My God, I came in the year 2016. I have to move ahead in the year 2021. I closed my eyes and saw that I was in a meditative state. I was happy that finally I had some answers and I knew that all my questions will be answered at the right time by the man who changed my life for a lifetime.

I have the answer as to why I see some repeating dreams.

I still don’t have an answer as to why my life is so different from the rest of the masses. Why do I keep seeing things that others can’t see? Why do I feel a certain way? Why my parents don’t understand me? What next? I don’t know. My struggles molded me into the person which I was meant to be for the achievement of my purpose. I am still unaware of so many things but let’s see what’s next. Life is a game and every person has his share of struggles and pains. Don’t give up too soon, persist because the reward which you get after all your struggles are gone is much bigger than your own existence. It is difficult to understand the working of the divine world or his divine plans. It is true you can mold your destiny but it all depends on how firmly you can hold a thought in your head.

You can change your entire being and transform into an absolutely different person by changing your energy body and brain. Experiment and have the attitude of let’s see what’s next. Your energy body rules you. You are not just governed by the biological system which builds your flesh and bones but you are much more than that. I really don’t have much idea as to how much you can mold your brain to transform yourself into a completely different being because once you change your brain you also change your body’s frequency so you can try and see what happens. I know why that door that could not be opened by any human being is still closed because few things are meant to be. I am who I am meant to be and I know my date with destiny started in the year 2016 till it was replaced by the man who changed my life for a lifetime.

Happy Diwali.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m