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The concept of Divine Time and Gods grace - It is Real

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2022-01-07 17:50
Divine Time

I know there must be many out there who keep questioning the grace of God because of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown situations which did shut down many businesses and brought misery to the life of many people. There is a massive timeshift happening in the universe and always remember that if something is happening there is a very big reason behind it. Even if you manifest a divine being into your own life or transform yourself into a divine being, you still have to walk your own journey. When it is divine time then you will see that everything will start shifting in your favor. You will start manifesting the life which you have worked and waited for a very long time. When you pray with folded hands in front of the divine with purity in your heart he listens to all your prayers. He will give you what you have asked for only when you are in a position to handle what he is going to give to you till then you have to do your work and wait for your turn. If the universe gives you something too early in life you won’t be able to handle it and if it is too late you lose your faith. The timing of your manifestation has been timely set so that you reach a place that was not in your imagination because the cosmos planned for it. If it gives you too much success too soon you will get lost and will not be able to reach a position where the invisible realm wants to see you. Don’t lose your faith or your heart. All your prayers are being checked by none other than the divine himself. Don’t give up too soon. You will receive guidance from the cosmos about the direction in which you should move through your intuition. Just go ahead and implement that.

God’s are real people. Even when you stand with folded hands in front of your God without speaking a word he knows what you want because he can read your mind and your heart. Your past life good karmas get multiplied and you are given the option by the universe to transcend and live a life beyond your dreams. They can give you much more than what you can conceptualize in your imagination or dream about. Have faith in your prayers because even when you are doubting they are listening. The invisible realm will give you messages that you are on the right path and what you should do to achieve what you are aspiring for. Even when you cannot understand the bigger picture just go ahead and see what is there in store for you. What you leave as silver may be diamonds worth trillions. You never know how you will manifest what is in your mind. You cannot understand the plans of the cosmos nor its way of working. I too doubted so many things because I have worked for my manifestations for a very long time with some health issues. I have faith that my body will heal. Though the universe gave me the message that I will be healthy to achieve my dreams but still few doubts arise in my head since I can’t see anything in tangible form in front of my eyes. I have worked so much in the invisible realm that I can read the energy pattern but cannot see the physical form. I trust the process. There have been times when god’s grace did help me tide over a difficult situation when I lost all hope.

Let me tell you what is god’s grace is. It is like the universe making 1008 efforts for your success even when you just take one step. Reason? Because it loves you and wants you to own something which they have written in your destiny. I really don’t understand many things but I know my God gave me much more than usual. He says I deserve it. All the divine experiences strengthened my bond with him. Though at times I lose faith but again it gets intact when I realize that everything happens at a divine time and I will receive all my manifestations which I have prayed for when the time is right. All events in your life are interrelated. It is like one event happening just after another so that you can fulfill your purpose in the best way. I have started using the line “With God everything is possible”. Even if you have put 99% effort to achieve something and he does not grace you with his 1% you won’t be successful. When you don’t know what you are doing and even with 1% effort you get 100% results it simply means he added that 99% for you because your heart is pure. The presence of two divine beings did change the entire course of my life. I never imagined things that I dream about nowadays and I really don’t know how I will fulfill them but I know when the time is right the entire universe will act as one and guide me towards my dreams.

I know what is god’s grace and you people can understand it better when you read about my story. Though I have put my share of work to get what many people have worked very hard for but they did not get what I asked and prayed for. This is simply grace. I don’t think I have put any effort in attracting “Anantha and Laxmi Ji” in my life but I have felt their heavy presence in my life. I am not rich right now but I have started walking towards my destination with baby steps that cannot be seen even by me. It is god’s grace and nothing else. I know until and unless it is divine time and I am in a position to handle what I have asked for the divine realm will wait. The cosmos will prepare me to handle what it wants to gift to me. I was a simple girl with decent dreams because I belong to a middle-class working family where you cannot dream to become the universe yourself but with God, by my side, I dreamt impossible dreams which are possible only with his presence. This is grace and nothing else. I have lived my share of difficulties, miseries, and bad health. I have suffered from too many health problems for a very long time and I have a firm belief that the part of life which I am living now will be disease-free because I have prayed for it. When it was high time for me to achieve my dreams I have dealt with too much pain in my life. My share of happiness is due and now the universe has to give it to me.

There are dark phases in your life and you are meant to live those painful moments so that you transform into a humble being and learn your lessons the hard way because you are being prepared for a great journey ahead that cannot be seen by you at the present moment. When you are meant to handle the pain and sorrows of other people it should not break you as a person. The person who is meant to bring smiles to everyone’s face and wipe out tears needs to have a heart that can handle all emotions. You should be able to share your shoulder with a person who wants to shed his tears with you. You should be in a position to guide him in a new direction rather than feeling too emotional about everything. I really don’t know how god handles everything with so much precision. The work which he does is the toughest and not for the feeble-hearted. How did Mother Teresa help so many ill people? The work done by godly people does move me at times. They don’t fear what is next and just do what they are meant to do. Be thankful for everything which you have been given because every person has got a different life’s journey and purpose to fulfill. If you compare your life to someone else you will always have a feeling of lack. You are on this earth to complete your own soul journey and not someone else’s journey and you need to remember that.

If you want to be a billionaire or multi-trillionaire and are expecting to become one soon then you need to trust the process. How you will manifest what you have asked for is something that is not in your knowledge so just keep doing what you should do. If you have worked hard on creating a product or service and think that it will work. It may or may not work or go according to your plan. How you will manifest your Billions or Multi Trillions is not your problem but the problem of the universe? You just keep doing your work. Trust the process and have faith that you will reach your destination but let the universe handle it for you rather than you planning everything. Things may not go the way you want them to. I know how hard I have worked for my good health and manifestation of spiritual awakening. I got a message that the planets have aligned and I will get what I have worked for at a time which was never planned by me. I expected success in 2021 which I am about to get in 2022.

The time which you have fixed in your mind and the divine time of the universe may or may not match so don’t get too attached to the timing. Let the cosmos work for you even when you think things are not going according to your plan. You may be in the process of manifesting something huge in a different way from a source that was never in your preview. It is God and with him everything is possible. Grace is when you know there are many people who deserve what you have prayed for but the universe chooses you and makes you successful. You know you have been showered with divine blessings. Thank the universe and be humble. Though I had my share of pains and struggles even then I feel I have been under too much divine grace because he puts his hand on my head and just makes things happen even when I don’t understand how. People have stood by my side and they just came into my life out of nowhere to help me with the problem which I was currently facing. I never understood how these things happened but it did happen for me.

I got hold of my phone to watch a Youtube video when I got the message that “God has been listening and has heard your prayers”. People who motivate too have their share of bad and tough days. My spiritual awakening came with its own share of troubles and I was not in a good state of mind in the evening since I went to the medical shop to get some medicines for myself. My body does not accept allopathic medicine and on top of that I have to eat one so I was very angry and just got hold of my phone to check updates and got that message. Loosen your control over situations or things that you cannot control and let the universe handle them for you. You will see that you will manifest what you have prayed and asked for at a time when you least expect it. Have Faith God is there and is listening to all your prayers and even answering them at a divine time.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m