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The concept of Cosmic Initiation - Ever heard about it?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-01-03 17:34
Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra

It is a term that is new even to me. I want to explore everything which comes to my mind through my intuition process. Everything which was discovered or has been brought into reality by people who explored those concepts through cosmic guidance did so because that knowledge needed expression. The universe is looking for the right people through which it can work or transfer its knowledge for the betterment of humanity. People need to be guided to follow the right path. Though the spiritual gurus are doing their work and are contributing to divine work through their effort but still God needs to express themselves on this planet in human form to bring back the cosmic order. It has happened in the past and it will happen again. You all know that initiation is a process in which the Guru gives Diksha to his disciples so that they can be transformed and be reborn into individuals who are fit to achieve their purpose. Though the guru initiates all his students there are very few who blossom perfectly and it all depends on your effort and capability. Cosmic initiation is a process in which the cosmos itself initiates you so that you can achieve your divine purpose. When your present being cannot achieve the purpose for which you are born but you carry the soul of a divine being then the cosmos recognizes it and initiates you. The process of initiation is done by the divine himself and you have to suffer the pain of transformation. Easy or difficult, you have no choice but you have to because that is your purpose and the universe cannot take “No” for an answer.

Your work cannot be allotted to someone else. When you have been chosen by the cosmos for cosmic initiation then it simply means that your work is unique and your entire spiritual journey will happen under the guidance of the invisible realm. Do not bother too much but follow the path of complete surrender so that you let your logical mind sleep and let your subconscious mind take over since everything is stored in your cosmic memory. There are many examples of people who were born like normal human beings but walked unusual paths for the achievement of their purpose. Your mind and body will be hacked by the universe and you will do what has been embedded in your mind through them. It is like your soul will be replaced by the divine soul and it will guide you through your tough transformation phase because spiritual awakening is never easy and God’s will test you at each and every stage before they give you the “Pass Certificate” and give you the divine gift after years of perseverance. Just go with the flow and you can blindly surrender to the cosmic will because when the invisible realm is itself handling your life then you are in safe hands. No need to bother about what next or how your dreams will manifest in the real world. Just do your “Sadhana” and your work. My spiritual journey was tough but now it is time for results or harvest. I have given my best and did everything which I could in my capacity and still have inflammation problems but I trust the process fully.

When the cosmos initiates you then you and the cosmos will act as one and walk the spiritual journey together. A time will come when you both will merge energies and become one because when you are meant to do divine work you need guidance from the kingdom of heaven. You will find it difficult to accept your new reality but when you make peace with the changing frequencies near you, you will feel better. There will be times when your mind will just want to give up because everything is new for you and your body. Your body will retaliate and even get in your way of divine journey. In those times you can take a break or slow down because 100% transformation is never easy. You are being reborn within the same body and you are being transformed to the extent that your previous soul won’t be able to recognize you and your new soul will feel out of place. It is like replacing an old organ with a better organ. The new organ takes time to adjust to the new surrounding and even send the right signals to the entire body and brain. With time harmony is created within the body and the new organ is fully accepted by the body. That is the same case with the soul.

When you have fully transformed then your old soul has grown into a divine soul or is replaced with a new soul. It gets difficult for the soul and body to recognize each other and be in harmony but with the passage of time, the soul and body adjust and accepts each other. The new identity which you get after you have been transformed is the real you which is fully capable of serving its purpose. The rebirth process is difficult but once done you will feel at peace. You will find many gaps in your thinking but with time you will adjust. When two lifetimes are clubbed in a single lifetime it really gets difficult to accept your new reality because the new you has the same body but a new soul. The cosmic initiation happens under the influence of many planets where a certain set of planets align properly along with God so that they can start the divine process of transformation. For me, it happened after I visited Tirupati Balaji Temple on 29th December and Sri Laxmi Narayani Temple on 31st December 2015. Then again in 2016, I kept a glass full of water in the sun which enhanced the spiritual process of complete transformation. Your body is being transformed at the cellular level. There are lots of things that are happening inside your body at physical as well as energy level which can cause discomfort in the form of rashes, inflammation, stomach problems, hair fall, change in vision along with mood swings. It is as if a new body is being created from scratch like a new baby is being formed in the womb of the universe so everything is new along with a new soul. You will feel a change in your thinking, the way you look at the world, and your divine purpose which makes more sense to you now.

There will be times when your logical mind will try to fit in and you feel out of place. Just surrender to the process because overstressing your body or your mind will increase your problems rather than reduce them so it is better you trust the cosmos and walk in faith with a firm belief that whatever is happening in the entire universe is happening for your good. Every event which is happening in your life is taking you one step closer to your manifestations or dreams. Convince yourself that though you don’t understand much but you are being guided by none other than the divine himself and your destiny is safe in the hands of the universe. I know how tough it gets at times because you will find every person around you achieving their dreams and goals but you find yourself stuck in a place from where you cannot see your next part of the journey. It is ok to feel lost but don’t stay in that situation for too long. When your gestation period is over or when it is time for your results then you will be free from all health issues and will be a transformed human being ready to take charge of the next phase of life. Just believe that everything is easy and possible because with that mentality you don’t label anything as impossible. Work under divine guidance even when you don’t know what next.

Feel free to visit temples because every person is not divinely initiated but if you are the one then be prepared for a tough grind where you will have to listen to everything which will make you more patient and thick-skinned. Cosmic initiation is a process in which the soul is replaced so the journey is never easy. God cannot hand over their divine work or powers to a person who cannot handle it or is too egoistic about it. They will test you to the core to the point that you break down but still don’t give up. Real transformation will start when the divine realm is convinced about you. All your powers will be hidden within you and you will discover them when you need them. The invisible cosmic realm works in a secretive manner so you cannot understand it in totality but if you are the chosen one then you can transcend time, space and enter places that are accessible only to divine beings. You won’t be able to recollect anything but your subconscious mind knows and it will reveal to you those places in your dreams when you are in deep sleep.

When you don’t know what is next and are very tense about your future that is the time to start creating a new world where you bring your manifestations into a living reality. Just merge your fantasy world with the real world and see what happens. Test everything because when you don’t have prior knowledge of something you have no other option but to trust the process and believe things will happen your way. When you are aligned with the cosmic geometry the universe will handle lots of work on your part so that you just play your best role and they do their own part. Trust and faith are small simple words but they have the power to make things happen because now it is not just you but the universe manifesting everything on your behalf. If you don’t know the concept be guided by your intuition because it is God speaking to you even when you don’t understand 1% of what is happening in your life. When a pattern repeats itself too often in your life and a single message is being conveyed to you again and again then it is better to accept that and just go with the flow. A flow state will help you create a space between you and your logical mind which will open various doors for your guidance. The process of manifestation starts with intention setting and visualization. Discover your own method when you can’t go by what others are teaching you. It is your hard-core ingrained belief system that will make things happen for you.

You manifest your new reality through your own self. Nothing happens from the outside but from the inside. Trust the process, trust the journey, and be guided by your own intuition. Rather than looking outside for answers which do not satisfy your soul, it is easy to ask for inner guidance so that you feel relieved. Everything will happen on divine time and when something is meant to happen it will happen no matter what. You cannot influence the cosmic will but they have the power to mold your thoughts in a new direction so that you do what you are meant to do. Chill and don’t stress too much. There are too many changes that are happening on the energy level so it is better you make the most out of it rather than resist it. Accept your new reality and shed the old self because life is all about transformation. Don’t bother too much about how you will achieve your purpose because when it is the cosmos who planned it for you let them handle it t for you.

Be at peace. A New Divine World is being created while you are sleeping. Can you see it?

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m