Choose Light over Darkness - What do you see?

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Light over Darkness

Choose Light over Darkness - What do you see?

I see the dark clouds, I see the rains, I can see the pains, I can see darkness, Where is the light? Hello, all my lovely readers I chose a different topic for discussion today so that you all can find your own light to move out of the darkness or from the clutches of darkness. Where there is evil there is darkness and in those moments of despair, God’s energy comes in the form of light. This energy will show you the right direction, guide you and help you when needed in ways that are unpredictable. A small lamp burning in the puja room has the power to remove darkness. Darkness cannot overpower you if you choose light or wish to experience a different reality. When you see negative repeated patterns you can just dig deep and work on your energies so that you can manifest positive things in your life. Nothing is difficult, you just have to make the right choice and create the life which you want to see. Your thoughts carry a lot of energy and you have the power to choose your new reality which is yet to manifest into your life.

When you choose the right thoughts, you automatically change the course of your life since like attracts like and there are no deviations and if at all you fall astray you have the option to choose and get back on the right track. You are your own life in the making by choosing light over darkness. Whenever a negative event happens in your life try to look at life from the bigger picture because it may so happen that you may be able to connect the dots backward and find out positivity in every negative situation happening in your life. If I say darkness does not exist, will you people believe me? Yes, it is true. When you see through darkness then there is no darkness and only probabilities where you have the power to look beyond what exists and be your own light. Have a heart of gold which is pure so that you shine in your dark days and not only move yourself but also the whole world out of the clutches of darkness. I would define tough situations as darkness but again you are much more powerful than your own limiting beliefs and you can turn every problem into an opportunity. If you still find it difficult to fight your dark days then just hang out with people who laugh a lot at least you will catch their energies and tune your life to the right frequency which will create a new changed reality for you which is much better than the one which existed before.

Light is abundant and is everywhere and you just have to choose. Have you seen the sunlight which travels such a long distance from the sun but still the light is so intense and carries so much heat that during summers you get sunstroke? That is the power of light over darkness. Even your dark days do not last for too long when you choose good things in your life. When you light the lamp near your God to remove negative energies from your home you attract good things and only abundance in your life. The moon shines in the dark and even when there is Amavasya you know that there is no moon day only for some time and after that, the moon will spread its light and fill your life with light. As the moon carries light from the sun and shines through, in the same way you sometimes have to be with cheerful people so that you can forget what you need to and move ahead in your life.

Nothing is bigger than you or your own thinking to create the reality which you want to live. You have the power to choose and live the reality which you want to live. Just move ahead in that direction. Do not be afraid to walk alone, do not be afraid of the challenges, do not overthink, just keep moving into the unknown towards a reality which is still in the making which seems like darkness. You will see that God will create a new reality for you which you could never see coming or could not imagine, a reality which was still in the making because you had the courage to walk the unknown and create a path for yourself which never existed but you forced the universe to create a new path for you and hand it over to you because you fought the darkness and saw the light when others around you still struggled to see light. Make it a mentality to see light. I remember a famous quotation here which says “ Keep your face towards the sunshine and you will never see the dark clouds”. The same applies to every situation in your life where you need to keep your face towards the new sunshine and shut down the negative aspects of your life.

Negative thoughts or negative things may happen in your life and it is absolutely ok and fine to be at that moment. Accept the negative feeling and live it so that you can clean your slate and move ahead in your life. There is nothing wrong with crying, just shed tears when you want to so that it releases the burden of your heart. Make your life lighter by choosing light over darkness. God created both negative and positive, both light and dark. The opposites exist and that is the law of nature, it was created to maintain balance. You cannot create your balance in life until and unless you know how to handle negative moments or dark days. When you shine through them that is the time you become a real winner because when the going gets tough the real metal is tested because the tough gets going. Ask for help and do not stay in your dark days for long since the more time you spend there you will see yourself trapped into a negative cocoon which is hard to break. Try to undergo metamorphosis and transform into a beautiful butterfly when things get too tough for you to handle. You take charge of your life and create your reality, write a new destiny, a new life with your own hands. See there are “N” number of possibilities but then you have to choose.

I choose my light. What do you choose? Try to hang out with people who bring more sunshine in your life rather than rains. If thoughts don’t match then change friends because when your soul grows you need to hang out with a different set of people so that you can have new experiences in your life. Darkness is not bad. Darkness is the representation of the soul that has some hidden qualities which you forgot to discover or could not see since it required too much hard work but when you are ready to take on the challenge and fight all odds you will see that you will turn from caterpillar to cocoon and ultimately into a beautiful colorful butterfly which is ready to spread its wings. Choose light over darkness and spread your light because that is who you are. You are light which never gives up. Surprise yourself with your own changed being by connecting with your higher powers so that you can spread your light and conquer every darkness of your life.

Good Morning. Create your new day and new infinite sunshine.

All the Best.

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