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Change your Vibration and add meaning to your present Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2020-09-29 18:21
New Vibration

It has been a long journey since the year 2017. This year is simply embedded in my subconscious mind. I can’t swipe it off nor can I run away from it. A past that was most difficult for me to accept has become a part of my life. My present life is the sum total of all the past experiences. Whatever I am today is because of the wisdom and learning which I drew every time I failed or succeeded. I lost the precious years of my life fighting with chronic health conditions, depression, and hopelessness. But the biggest question is, does my past defines me? The answer is obviously “No” but it did raise a lot of questions in my mind regarding my existence and why me? I have worked very hard on myself for the last 3 years and this is the 4th year. My hard work did pay off and I can feel a change within me. Though my mind is not 100% calm since there are so many things running in my head. The best thing which has happened is I have endured so much pain in my life that now it does not bothers me because I have outgrown those painful moments. As you don’t laugh at the same joke twice, you do not cry over the same pain again.

Time heals all wounds and you move on. I did Mantra meditation and yoga to heal my body and change my vibration. Every person has a certain vibration which is generated by the inner energies. When the vibration of your body drops beyond a certain limit which is considered healthy for a good life you start attracting illness. It is more of a mind game rather than anything else. You become a victim of your own mind which signals the body that the outside circumstances are too painful. This emotion of pain generates certain hormones that make the body sick. When you are in that painful state for a long period of time that emotion starts building a sick home inside your body which expresses itself in the form of depression and severe health conditions. I faced problems with serious inflammation in my body. I went to the doctor but they could not help me out. In those moments I realized that the allopathic system of medicine has got too many limitations. My experience with allopathic medicines was never good as doctors had experimented too much on my body when I went to get my gynecological problem treated. I was not ready for another trail and error. No more testing of medicines on my body so I took the holistic path of healing and took matters into my own hands.

I starting practicing yoga and did mantra meditation to heal my body. I had no idea of what next, I even had no clue of whether I will be successful or not. It was like moving into the unknown with full faith and trust in the divine that his plan for me will be the best. I used to do lots of yoga asanas beforehand but I zeroed down to Paschimottanasana and did a meditation on “Swayamvara Parvati mantra”. After four and a half months of Mantra meditation, my depression was gone but the ailments of my body took away the entire peace of my life. I don’t remember doing anything other than experimenting on my body to heal it. I read tons of articles, experimented with everything which resonated with me on my body, and then moved ahead to see what next. All my experiments yielded results but not to the extent which I had expected but things started happening and the vibration of my body started changing. My disease transformed me as a person because I was ready to do anything to heal my body.

How do you live with an inflamed body which is very painful? I used to sleep most of the time just to avoid the pain. I never had an idea that something good can come out of those painful moments. I only know the amount of hard work I did just to cure my physical and mental body. See one thing is for sure until and unless you are happy from inside no outside circumstances can add a smile on your face while when you are happy from inside a slight gesture from someone can make you burst into laughter. My yoga and meditation started showing results and I transformed my life from depressed to a happy one. I am a living example of the fact that no matter what happens to you, you always have the choice to make your life better. My changed vibration attracted good energies in my life which added a new edge to my being. My changed vibration affected my energy body which started connecting with higher consciousness. I am a spiritual girl but I had no previous experience of divine presence but from August 2019 onwards there was something within me that changed. The vibration of my body changed and I started experiencing things I had never felt before.

I am 40 years old. As far as my memory goes I had no previous experience of the presence of the outer-worldly beings in my domain. I wondered most of the time and was clueless about everything which was happening in my life. A lot of questions arose in my mind but there were no answers. I started my search to get my answer by doing meditation. That is the time my life started shifting 360 degrees. I got my answer when I read “Death - An inside story” book by Sadguru Ji, listened to an audiobook on “Inner Engineering” by Sadguru Ji, “Wishes Fulfilled” book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I attracted answers to my life. Sadguru Ji and Wayne Dyer too had similar experiences that I was having. I got so much relief that I was not going insane and everything which was happening in my life was real. It was my changed frequency which was attracting events and circumstances in my life which seemed illogical and mystical. I have written in detail about my magical experiences in my book Love You Zindagi - My journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy. My intuition is real, my experiences are real, though I cannot apply any logic to it, everything makes sense.

I do meditation and I have reached a state in which I have lost the feeling of my body but I have not yet reached a state of zero thoughts. According to them when your kundalini energy rises or starts waking you start having mystical experiences since your body is vibrating at a higher frequency which is different from the one which you possessed earlier. This causes an identity crisis and moments of depression because you are a completely new being. The old self which existed within you dies and a new person emerges which has a different set of frequency and energy. Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks about various instances of how he received messages from the universe in the form of synchronicities. He followed those instructions one after another and just moved ahead. That is very similar to what is happening in my life. I feel guided and I just follow my inner GPS. That small inner voice speaks to me and even the plants and animals convey their messages to me. I can’t decode it but my subconscious mind decodes all the instructions. The subconscious mind is connected with universal consciousness. It is all internal work. You can raise or change your vibration by doing mind work but it is not everyone’s cup of tea because your logical mind takes over and just shuts everything down. but when you are doing meditation and yoga the transition from lower to higher frequency is at a pace where your body and mind undergo a change at the same time so you don’t have to convince your mind regarding anything. It happens effortlessly.

What exactly happens when you raise your vibration? You start connecting with the source of creation and rather than being a part of creation you transform yourself into a person who creates a new future not only for himself but also for the coming generations. I remember the quote “When the student is ready the teacher appears”. When your vibrations are high you get the creator himself as your teacher. Be prepared for the most illogical experience of a lifetime when you have an invisible guru. A small pink color flower landed on my kitchen top near my gas stove. It is still a big mystery as to how that flower came there. People who resided at the top floor had no flower pots. I enquired about it myself. That flower is still a big mystery even today. I had various mystical experiences that would sound illogical to a person who tries to applies his logic but they are my living reality. When you change your vibration the creator starts expecting from you. The very life force which is growing within you starts transforming you because you have transcended many boundaries. I have heard people saying that you should adjust yourself rather than go out and change the outside world. Now the biggest question is who will go ahead and start the work since it is not easy but someone has to raise his hand so that the creator can assign that task to him/ her and assist him in achieving his goal by guaranteeing 100% success because that would mean his success too.

One visible person who left my life and the other invisible man who occupied my life has changed my complete being. Now the only question which I keep asking myself is “Who am I?” I have listened to everything and read many books so that my concept of the visible and invisible world got clear. The entire energy web which surrounds the whole universe is real. Everything is connected. The past, present, and future exist now. I am still not clear of this concept though it is true because when you live your future in the present moment you actually make it a living reality because the universe has no other option but to fulfill your wishes since you have bend the reality.

You have got one life to live. You either try everything or live in fear as to what will happen if something goes wrong. I saw so many number sequences for a very long time which I have already mentioned in my previous write-up. Now there is a new addition to it that is number 0000. In Tarot card deck 0 signifies a Fool card which means walk into the unknown. It very well applies to my life since I am going to walk into the unknown be it my personal or professional life. I don’t have any idea of what the universe has in store for me. I have two options either I take a leap of faith and move ahead or stay happy in my current situation. I have made the decision to move ahead and walk into the unknown because when I have raised my hand to create a difference I cannot look back. My marriage, my career, is still hidden in the future and I have no idea how my life will take shape in the coming days but I am receiving positive messages that all my wishes have been granted. How the universe will present me with situations or guide me towards my destination is still unknown. Let’s see what next in my life.

Friends one thing is for sure when you raise your vibration you really change your present life because when you change the story which you keep telling yourself every day you change your life because nerve cells that fire together wire together. To build new neuron connections you have to persevere and be persistent. Life will flow effortlessly when you will sense the flow and know which way to swim.

I love you all. Your presence makes my life beautiful. See You all. Good Night

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m