Blame Game in life, Will it serve you in Life?

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Blame Game

The blame game is a common problem in today’s world when the other person blames you for their problems and grief. It is easy to point the finger on someone else that so and so person is responsible for my problem while the reason for your success or failure could just be you yourself. How can someone else make you a failure or success if you are determined to move ahead in life. When you want to advance in life you will make a proper plan and work accordingly, you will check if others are working properly and if you find some loopholes you can communicate and fix them. You will not be just busy with your work and not consider others work. You will involve everyone else’s opinion when making decisions and it will not just be a dictatorship relationship where you keep on giving orders and others just follow it. When anything goes wrong you blame the other person that it is because of him that you lost the recognition or big order which was coming your way. You blame the other person and belittle him for your failures but what you do not recognize is that the other person was just following your orders and it was your responsibility to communicate effectively to him. When you fall short of communicating the right things at the right time you are misleading your team and hence it is bound to suffer failure or setbacks.

When you achieve a medal or get victorious you take the whole credit while when you fail you want to point fingers on someone and blame them so that you feel good. You do this to avoid your own shortcomings on how badly you handled the situation which has lead you to the current position you are in. Blaming someone else for your sorrows is the easiest thing you can do, the most difficult part is to take full responsibility for the situation and do your best. The outcome which you get when you give in your 100% will be satisfactory because when you put your full effort in the work which you are doing you are bound to succeed. There may be some temporary failures but you will be successful in the long run and that is something which is guaranteed. People who have reached the top are the ones who are responsible and share their vision with their employees. If there is a problem they take an initiative to solve it while at other times have enough faith that the other person will be able to handle the problem on his own. The faith which you have as an employer on an employee motivates them to solve any tough problem which would not have been possible if you would have suspected their capability and blamed them for not putting good effort. When an organization succeeds it is because of good teamwork and when it fails it is because of the lack of teamwork.

When you have assigned certain work to a group or a person it is your responsibility to check how much has been done and how much is left. What needs to be done is to ensure that the work gets completed in the given time frame and keep a check on what to do when you are falling short of time and the work has been prolonged due to outside circumstances beyond your control. When you are fully involved in the work or ongoing project you have an idea of whatever is going on and this helps you in doing good work which gets you compliments. If you lose coordination at any moment you are sure shot destined for failure and no amount of blame game will solve your problem or make your work a success. It is difficult to pinpoint fingers on your own self when you are yourself responsible for your failure. You feel happy to blame others because in that way you can hide your own shortcomings. Doing reality checks is very important because you should know how good you are at doing your work and if you fall short of skills then take proper measures to fill in the gaps so that you are fully equipped to do the work. If you think you do not have to learn everything yourself then hire the right people for the work so that they can do their best work.

Never try to hide your own shortcomings but you should accept them and take full measures to correct them so that you do not repeat the same mistakes in the near future. People who have reached the top are not the ones who have blamed other people for their failures but they are the ones who have taken full responsibility for their actions and have worked hard for their success. Even when you blame the other person for your failure it is not going to serve you because something which is done cannot be undone, what you can do now is make a proper plan so that you do not repeat the same mistakes in the near future. Find out where you went wrong, accept them and correct yourself so that you are well equipped to do the work. It always starts with you. Correcting yourself first and then showing the right path to others is what leadership is all about. It is easy to pinpoint fingers on others but difficult to see our own face in the mirror and be aware of our own weaknesses. Think with a logical mind because your illogical thinking or blame is not going to take you anywhere. Small people play blame games and are happy in their small cocoon which they have formed. They stay away for all positive things and just blame others to make themselves happy. Though in their heart of hearts they know whatever they are doing is wrong but they wear a false mask and do cheap acts to show how great they are and how small others are.

It is better to avoid such kind of negative people and stay away from them. You can try to correct the other person but when the other person is not ready to listen it is better to carve a course of action which will be helpful for both of you. Either you change your way of dealing with the other person or just stop working with him as there are other people with whom you can work. In the work front blame in the worst thing to do because if a person is underperforming check out the reasons and correct them. If still, they remain the same then you have to take proper measures because your work should not suffer. The blame game will not help you even if it is your fault or your team's fault, you could not deliver your promise so it is better to check what to do now so that the same thing does not repeat itself in the future. You have to hire good people to do the work and fire those who are not ready to adapt or change, just blaming and keep doing the same mistakes again and again will not be fruitful in the long run.

Get rid of the blame game, take full charge of the situation and do your best. Have faith rest will happen and you will be successful. Just give your best. Give your 100%.

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