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The biggest Victory of a lifetime - Who Won the game of life?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2022-10-23 17:53
My Lord Vishnu Miracles

Life is a divine play but much more than what you can understand. My dad is a big cricket fan. Today evening I just sat down to watch cricket. Actually, my free time coincided with the match time. Dad was very stressed that India might lose the game. God, he transferred his stress even to me. The match was between India and Pakistan. I just sat down to watch the cricket match. Very few balls were left and a good score was needed for winning the match. I prayed to my God for divine intervention and said God do your miracle because India has to win. I really don’t know what happened after that because all of a sudden the picture totally changed. My dad was happy and laughing. Free hit, no ball, and then India finally won the match. I thanked my God after the victory. I have been working on my spirituality for a very long time and things are moving at a quick pace. I saw all the angel numbers and at the end, it was 11. God is great. This universe gives you messages of your success by means of angel numbers and matching timing of certain events so that you rest assured of your success. Though at times I find myself in a place of lots of self-doubts, I brush off those thoughts and don’t worry too much. See the best part about spirituality is it has to yield today or tomorrow. Even when you doubt your work and question whether things will happen or not, rest assured that your manifestations will be delivered to you. The only thing which can happen is that the universe may give your vibrational match rather than the actual things which you asked for. It's no use complaining because you waste too much time crying over things that will not matter in the long run.

When you focus your energies totally on your own self you are bound to succeed because you are not impressing anyone but concentrating on your own self and working on your energies which will lead to manifestation. You get the victory when you do your part and not by focusing your attention on what others are doing. I have not slept properly for the last two days and my head feels very heavy. I really don’t have any idea of the problem. I need a good night's sleep to feel better. The changing energy shifts which keep happening inside my body really create lots of problems for me on some days and I keep wondering why I need to work so much on myself. The only thing which keeps you going is your commitment which you made with the invisible divine being because you can’t break that promise. That promise serves as a constant reminder when you really want to take a break and focus your energies on doing something else. When the divine play ends everyone is a winner because when the game is over you are done with it. It doesn't matter who is first or last because if the play starts in reverse order then the last person is the winner and the first person is the loser. It all depends on your point of view and the divine who started the game. Everyone will be cremated on the same ground and it does not matter how rich you are or how poor someone lying next to you is because death levels up everything. I have not yet heard of a rich man being buried on golden soil and a poor person getting buried just on plain soil.

All life you run after something only to find that the bank balance will be brought to zero when the soul leaves the body and you will have to open a new account with zero bank balance in the next birth. I never heard of a man carrying his riches or poverty into the next lifetime. Now, this is what happens when you spend too much time with Lord Shiva. When you have worked on your inner self without break and with full dedication, you will see the results. The entire universe will give you victory signs from all corners. You know you have done it. It is only when things materialize in the real world that you know you have made it to the finishing point. You have to hold on to your faith and be committed to your Sadhana because God makes miracles happen in the life of those who have unwavering faith in him. In life, no one is a failure because there are few people who are tested much more than usual because they are born just to learn their lessons. There are some who tastes victory or is a lifelong winner without putting in too much effort. The reason is that they are born to reap all the benefits of good karma which they did in previous lifetimes so never compare your life’s journey with someone else. You keep walking on your path thinking that no one else other than you exists on the planet because the moment you start comparing your life with someone else you will always be miserable and jealous. This divine play was crafted to keep you in a state of Maya because if you could break the Maya then you will be liberated. Your inner self is so crafted that it will always try to keep you in a state of illusion because it always feels good when you watch a great play. God would literally go mad if the entire human race became a yogi because it would be a dull game to watch and even play.

When God breaks too many of your illusions it really gets difficult to live because then you want Moksha or Mukti. When you have done all the work needed for your own liberation then you very well know that the universe has to give it to you if you demand that but then you hold on to your life because it is not just about your life but the life of others too. There is something that you realize about life when you get too self-centered or focus just on yourself and your own well-being the flow of wealth in your life decreases. While on the other hand when you think about the greater good and do your part the universe keeps your bank balance up to date. I don’t know how that happens but that is a very big reality. My dad has a big heart and he is able to manage everything even when he is retired. The universe just adds to the bank balance. My dad says it is God who does that and he is just a medium but the giver is those heavenly beings. My mom gets very angry with me because I am a water baby. I love bathing and according to my mom, I waste water. Lectures from mom seem to be never-ending because she has so many points recorded in her mind. She remembers all of them and fires them one by one on me.

You know you are victorious even before you see any physical signs because the universe gives you messages in the form of angel numbers, feathers, and heavenly animals who are just placed on your path to give you the exact messages at the right time so that you don’t lose hope and keep going. When the universe expects too much from you then your life will have more roadblocks than any normal person because they need a tough soul to take responsibility for the masses. Once you are transformed your life will get easy because now they want you to do your work and deliver results. Have faith that the cosmic world will hold your hands because they want to get their own work done through you. The invisible world will transform your mindset to such an extent that you will just give your entire life to serve your purpose because that is the amount of hammering they have done on your heart and soul. I was never a distracted girl but now I am too focused on what I am doing now. Yes, I agree with the fact that I can’t meditate with zero thoughts in my mind but still, I try. Otherworldly beings record your efforts and will give your success when they see that. There are times when God adds his 99% to my 1% effort since I am clueless about what to do next. He just steps in and completes the task. I have no idea how few things happen but they are my living reality. I am not a great Yogini but my God loves me and accepts me the way I am.

I have no idea what he likes in me but my God just planned victory for me because I have put lots of effort in one single direction and need divine grace and miracle to achieve my purpose. On some days I suffer from too many self-doubts but on other days I believe that I am not hallucinating and my life will change and so will the lives of other people who will be touched by my work. When I don’t understand I surrender and hand over my life to the man who changed my life for a lifetime because I feel safe when he is handling it for me. You will get the biggest victory of a lifetime under divine grace because with God everything is possible. He can make everything that is impossible possible because he loves you much more than his own self. Be prepared to receive your best gift of a lifetime because your vibrations match your manifestations.

Happy Divine Reunion.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m