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Are Dreams Real? Standing with a Divine Being!

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2021-12-27 17:29
Santa Claus

When the thin line between what is possible and impossible merges then you feel lost and question your identity very often. Does birth happen only through the womb? Then where does rebirth happen because I cannot enter my mother’s womb in a grown state? Great question? Right. Rebirth happens through the womb of the universe where you spend the gestation period of more than 9 months if required because the cosmos will not deliver you to the world until and unless it is rest assured that you are ready to live the new identity which it wants to gift you. The gestation period of the universe is tough since you enter that womb in a grown-up state where you have to undergo a heavy transformation and learn new skills and shed off your old identity completely so that you don’t confuse yourself with who you were years ago. Though people on the outside can feel a new person in you but they will see that same outer cover and mistake you as the same old person which you are not. You just cannot go and explain yourself to the whole world. The best part is to do your work and keep rising the ladder so that it is easy for you to understand the journey. The ladders which you are climbing may be very different from the ones which others have to climb so don’t compare your journey with others.

Your new life starts when you realize that every person has got a different journey and you are exactly in a place where you are meant to be even if it means starting your life from scratch. Tough souls are given the best tasks by the universe because it knows everyone can’t do everything and the tough nuts must crack the most “Impossible” task and make it possible. If you are being tested much more than usual by the invisible realm then that is a big signal from the universe that you are going to be handed a task or work which only you can achieve and you are not replaceable. Even if you reach death bed the cosmos will take all measures to bring you back to life because you can’t die until and unless your work is done. When you are given the most difficult task then you have to make it easy or let it sound possible in your head because you have to achieve that in your life and you are determined to realize your dreams. When the time is right the universe will just take over your life and remove everything from your life which does not resonate with you so that it can hand over a new life to you after you have completed your gestation period which comes to number “9” but it does not mean 9 months. “9” is the number of completion of a cycle so that a new cycle can begin.

The gestation period in the womb of the universe is full of transformation and challenges and never think it is going to be easy for you. Don’t break, have peace of mind, be ready for a tough grind, don’t give up, just have faith that you will be able to make it to the new world. Just follow the path of complete surrender even when you have too many pains in your body. The divine realm has taken you in his own hands so be rest assured that they will never leave your life. After the hard grind, you will be delivered into the new reality where you are given a new identity and a different task. You keep wondering how you will do what you are meant to do. Don’t be overwhelmed because now you are in the hands of the universe itself. The gestation period might have transformed you into a divine being and the universe exists inside of you. Yes I know it sounds like a fairytale. But fairytales do get real. What it feels when you merge with a divine being and why you need another human being in your life when you still have a Divine Partner is a million-dollar question that needs to be answered. Every divine being needs a body to work. A male or female has both energies in him or her. Lord Shiva and Parvati maa exist as two different individuals and also as one single energy.

Is God real? If this is a question that comes to your mind very often then I would like to tell you that God’s are as real as you and me but they exist in energy form. They need a body and if a human being wants to do divine work then you need guidance from the universe itself. The reason is the cosmos knows your limitation so it adds its energy so that you can break all your limitations which makes you human. Why a human being who has converted into a divine being needs a human better half. There are reasons the divine being has both masculine and feminine energies and it needs guidance from both the energies for the manifestation of his dreams. It needs a different body and guidance when needed at times along with a human life partner which will give that divine being a married status because even if you are married to the “Divine” himself you cannot show that identity anywhere so you need a human better half to realize your dreams and also to work on your energies since male and female energies will distinctly exist in two different bodies. When you have transformed into divine himself then you can do many things with the energies. I really don’t know what is the limitation of a human being or all the self-created limitations exists just in the head.

When I ask myself the question, Are dreams real? I get the answer, Yes they are. With too much logic I end up nowhere so I leave my logic behind and let the subconscious mind take over so that I can understand the flow state better and be in that ocean rather than sit down and try to understand the entire cosmos with my limited logical head. I don’t know many things but I do understand the fact that when you have asked for the manifestation of a possible dream then you can make it happen with the help of the universe because all dreams cannot be realized alone just with human intention. When extra-terrestrial beings intervene it simply means the human race is being guided towards a new destination that has been created much before the dream for its realization was conceived in the head of a person. The invisible realm wrote the whole story, shot the picture and placed all the events the way it was meant to be, and then called everything into action just for the replay so that it felt real and not recorded. Sometimes it feels I am living a life that was recorded by the universe much before I started working on my spirituality. The way events turn up are not mere coincidences but properly planned and I can’t understand them much. I move ahead with faith and trust though I do get confused a lot at times.

Trust your journey, trust your intuition, trust the man who is walking with you because some dreams are manifested into the world in a weird way. A way which no one imagined because that was the decision of the divine realm. How does it feel standing with a divine being? When you cannot see someone but can only feel his energy you get confused if there is someone standing with you but when he makes his presence felt tears start rolling down your eyes because you are divinely loved. What is possible and what is not has left my head. Thoughts do get messed up and it feels you are living in a dream world. Oh My God “That same man with 14 years of age difference waiting on the Chariot”. Uff I think I have lost my mind and gone really insane. Is he still waiting there for such a long time for me? How could I predict and write about my future in the year 2019? Have I turned myself into an Oracle? Matrix movie is playing on the television screen in my home. That man is waiting in my home! Oh my God, what is happening?

I can see numbers “25/10/19”, the prophecy will be fulfilled soon. Now, which prophecy? and what are the oracle and Neo talking about and from where this man landed in my house? It feels like the dream world has merged with the real world and the universe has completed its gestation period and delivered a Divine being which the world was waiting for. What? But I can’t see anyone. Can you see him? The year 2019 when read in alphabets when you look at it in the mirror reads “PIOS” means the year when the real thing will happen. As far as I can remember I was standing near my God’s photo and I don’t remember what happened after that. Did “Anantha” make me a part of himself and stand next to me. I can see someone at a distance now who are they? As I get closer I can see myself merging with two more energies in the year 2015. Now, this is really going insane. I am going crazy. That man in the chariot is not ready to leave. I think I need to talk to him. I said goodbye to Anantha and went close to the chariot. “Hi, Rashmi” remember me said he. Yes, I do. How can I forget someone who is still standing and waiting for me since the year 2019? It is time for you to come with me Rashmi said the man.

Turning point. Oh My God, This man is serious. I posed a straightforward question see I am looking for someone to marry and not going on date. As I was about to leave the conversation and about to go and talk to Anantha, I could feel that this man was not ready to leave. I think we need to have a serious conversation. I said Good Bye to Anantha for a final time and sat on this man’s chariot. We had a long conversation and then what happened you all want to know? Me too.

Happy New Year 2022.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m