All Vacancies of Life are filled by the Universe - Focus on What is left

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-06-03 17:44

Life is a beautiful game and you will live a happy life when you know how to play the game of life. You come here on this earth to fulfill a purpose and when your time gets over you leave. When you are on your journey of life you go through various life’s learning so that you sharpen your skills and do what you are meant to do. You will be trained, you have to learn and sometimes the universe will knock you down to the bottom so that you develop the exact skills which you need to do that particular work for which only you have been chosen. Keep in mind your work will not be allotted to someone else and only you have to achieve the task of this particular lifetime. When you are born on this earth through a mother’s womb your tasks are fixed and in the process of living, you also burn your past life karmas which your soul has accumulated. It is better to do good karmas so that you are not born again and again on this earth and you get Mukti. You start building a relationship from the time you are born, mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother and many more. As you grow you get married and then have wife and children. The more you are attached to a relationship the more it hurts when that person leaves your life or speaks bad words about you. The person whom you married suddenly starts having a problem with you after 11 years of marriage and he wants to divorce you then what do you do?

You have two options either keep mourning because that is the love of your life and you cannot imagine a life without him or you just think it is ok and things will turn out to be good in the long run. I know it is not easy sometimes to accept the decision of the universe or God for us. It hurts but then we have no other option but to go through the pain and learn the harsh lessons of life. You have the option to keep mourning or try to accept everything and try to maintain your cool. It may be that God wants you to learn a very specific lesson so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose in the near future. It is very difficult to accept the truth and console yourself when life just removes your loved ones all of a sudden from your life and creates a big vacancy in your life. You need to keep the faith that when God or the Universe has created a particular vacancy it will fill it either with the same person in the long run or it will give you a replacement in the form of a new person. That new person may enter your life as your new friend, lover or husband but be sure the vacancy which has been created will be filled. It may sometimes take months to fill the vacancy with a particular person so do not be in a hurry for anything, just give time to the universe for the manifestation of your desires and have faith that your prayers will be answered.

Please do not hold on to the past too tightly that it gets difficult for you to release it. Do not hold on to the people from the past who want to leave your life and do not want to be with you anymore. Accept the reality because if you stay in your fantasy world for too long you will spoil your life and career both and even fall a victim to depression. If you get depressed than it is very difficult to come out of it. It sometimes takes very long and you lose your precious years in which you could have started a new life. Everything happens in life for a reason. There are few people who enter our life just as lessons to teach us and when their work is done they simply leave our life. There are some people who enter our life to deliver a very specific message and when their work is done they also leave our life. Then there are some people who enter our lives for a lifetime and they will be with us till we are here on this earth. When the person whom you loved the most leaves your life you can console yourself by thinking that their work got over and it was time for them to leave that is why they have left. The vacancy which they have created will be filled by someone else or maybe that same person will reenter your life after a break when he teaches you the exact lessons for which he was sent in your life.

You just focus on what is left when that special someone has gone. Keeping the focus on what is left gives you peace of mind because when you concentrate on what is lost you tend to get sad but when you shift your focus you feel better that at least these are the people who are still with me and love me. Do Yoga, do meditation and believe me it works, just do it. When you remove your focus from all the negative things which happened in your life you will see you will feel calm from inside and you will start living your life once again. It may so happen that you meet your second life partner with the right chemistry and you start a whole new life once again with this new person. You will see that the past memories will start fading and you will build good memories of the present. The universe is something which is much beyond the imagination of the human mind. We cannot understand the working of the universe but the best thing which we can do is have faith that when the universe takes something from us it also gives us a replacement. You have to wait for the right time and you have to keep the faith and your smile. You will attract good things in your life when you are happy and to be happy you have to be fulfilled with what is left.

You will see a drastic change in your life when you shift your focus to good things in life when there are so many bad things happening in your life. Crying will not solve any problem but yes it will help you in clearing your heart’s burden and pain so cry your heart out. Cry like a baby, do not feel ashamed to cry. Find a shoulder of your loved one or just cry in your lovely home. Believe me, you will feel much better after you shed your tears which was killing you from inside. You cannot forget the person and he comes haunting in your dreams. It is ok, just do not give power to that person. Take your power back. I know attachments to people who have left your life all of a sudden hurts but it is better to face the reality rather than live in the dream world. Accepting the harsh realities of life gets easy when you get a little detached from the person who decided to leave your life. You have to be aware that you are here on this earth for a very specific reason so do not get too serious about life. When you see life as a play you enjoy it and when you get dead serious about life and cannot accept the change it will kill you so it is better to adapt yourself and be happy with your new world. It is your life and only you have to decide the way you want to live it.

Have faith, the universe will fill all the vacancies which it has created at the right time so just wait and live your life in the meanwhile.

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