Which way should I Go? This way or that Way

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-05-10 18:39

Life is a wonderful experience gifted by God to us. The day till you breathe your last breath you have to decide which way to go? This way or that way. It is never easy to make a decision because the path you choose or the decision you make may be difficult but then a decision is a decision and you cannot revert it. When there is life there are bound to be problems but it is all upon you how you handle the challenges thrown by life and how much you are ready to adjust to them. Sometimes life is easy and other times it is tough. It may get very challenging at times and it is in those moments that you are tested to your utmost limits. The problems which you encounter may test your patience and stir you to your core then you have to decide what to do? You may not be able to find an immediate solution to it but then you have to check what to do. How much you should wait for things to get sorted out on its own? How much you should get involved with the problem? And What role you should play to sort out the problem? It is never easy to find a perfect solution but then you have no option but to make a decision. It is always better to have an opinion rather than indecision. A good decision or a bad decision never matters because it is always better to have a voice. I would say a bad decision is better than indecision. Whatever the outcome, be prepared to accept it and then move ahead with it. It is always better to accept reality rather than living in the fantasy world which is not true.

It is better to accept the truth and reality which comes after a decision has been made. A 50-50 situation is the worst situation to be in. It is either 0% or 100% and there is nothing in between. Never leave a decision hanging just because you fear the outcome. Accept your fears and conquer them. Have the guts and courage to overcome your fears and decide what to do. Let the worst happen. Be happy at least something happened because your fear of failure was leading you nowhere and when you decide you make a genuine effort to accept the consequences of your decision wholeheartedly. It is better to cry now rather than wait till the end of your life hoping for something good to happen which never happens. Be prepared to accept the unfavorable. “This way or that way’ is the worst place where you can be and cannot decide what to do. Just be bold and make things happen. You build your frame of mind in such a way so that even if the unexpected happens you are mentally prepared to handle it. Your mental preparation is very important. You have to be prepared to handle everything but then sometimes the outcome may overwhelm you and be in your favor, thank God for it.

Your mental toughness is much important than anything else because if you are mentally weak than any person will play with your emotion and will fool you easily but when you are mentally tough no one will dare to mess with you. They know that if they mess with you they will receive a hard blow. The other person should know that they are dealing with a tough soul who is not easy to deal with. When you take a stand you are bound to get a solution. There will be various difficulties which will cross your path when you choose one which is less traveled by but it is always better to decide than be in the middle of the road and think which way to go. You have to complete your journey of life in any way. Whichever road you take will help you reach your destination. For example, two people set on a journey. One takes a smooth road and the other chooses a rocky road. They both have different experiences of life and at the end, both reach their respective destination. Even if one of them would have decided to stop in the middle of their journey for all the situation to get favorable so that he could move further then he would never have been able to complete his journey. In the same way, you always have to decide which way to go and when you have decided, just think that you have made the best decision and be happy with it. Something is always better than nothing. A decision is better than indecision. You will face “N” number of circumstances in life where you will be forced to choose between two roads and it is always better to have an opinion and take one rather than stand still and waste more time sitting there.

Sometimes the decision which we take has the will of Gods. Even they wanted us to choose that way so that we move ahead in our life and live our best life. Let the whole world criticize you and tell you are a fool for taking such a decision, you be happy because they do not know how much groundwork you did and how much pains you have encountered before you took that decision. When you decide “Which way to Go” the whole universe will help you in taking the right decision. Have faith even God’s might have consented to your decision because that was the best for you.

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