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The universe communicates with your soul - Do you Agree

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2022-10-20 17:23
Crystal Ball on a Blue moon Day

All of you will agree with me when I say that when the soul enters a body a new life takes birth in the form of a child while when the soul leaves a body a person is declared dead. This body is lifeless without a soul. The soul is what keeps you going and is in constant communication with other living beings and the universe itself. The soul is more like a mini cosmos occupying your body because it is a part of the divine and all the qualities which the source of creation holds are encapsulated inside the soul. Your body is just a piece of earth that is given to you by your parents. It is the soul which decides whether a body is fit to reside or not. Let's focus on the human soul because that is something that I want to focus on today. Just remember that everything has a soul be it living or nonliving. You can communicate with the soul of plants and animals and transmit any information which you want. The power of your soul determines how well you are connected to yourself, other living beings, and the universe. When you do yoga and meditation you activate those parts of your soul which lie in dormant mode. The soul has many parts. A normal person leads a good life even if he has not activated most of his chakras which hold divine knowledge. Once the energy rises within you through Kundalini Awakening that your communication with your own soul and the universe starts getting stronger. Most people live in a state of disconnect because they ignore their soul calling and live an unfulfilled life.

Once the dormant serpent energy which is stored in the last vertebrae starts rising upwards your chakras start activating and releasing all the memories stored in previous lifetimes. You face your fears, you do your meditation and yoga, and thus establish a good connection with your soul. Your soul or aatma is nothing but the universe. As the chakras which are the true source of energy start rotating properly and gaining rhythm you will feel a change in your life and the way you view things. It will also change your frequency. You will feel a changed person within the same body and will be able to manifest everything which you once desired and could not do due to your low frequency. Life is full of magic and miracles but you have to raise your vibrations to make yourself available to it. You will see that you will start receiving guidance from the creator himself as to what you should do next so that you can progress further on your path. The outer cosmos will give you signs of success in the form of feathers, angel numbers or messages from a certain person, synchronicities, etc. Once you learn how to connect the dots you will see that the source has started speaking directly to you. The soul and the source of creation share the same language but the biggest problem is you don’t understand that language. One soul can communicate with another soul without the involvement of the brain. We are in constant communication with each other and the universe because it is one giant structure. No one is out of the structure but a part of the same giant cosmos. The laws of karma work because when you bring pain into someone's life you are actually creating pain for yourself because we are all connected through invisible cosmic threads which you can’t see.

The fun is in cosmic alignment because once you align yourself with the cosmic geometry you will see that it will feel as if everything in your life starts falling into the right place. I have no idea of how this universe works even though I have knowledge of a few things. I don’t have any theoretical knowledge but more practical knowledge. If something works then let me try it and make it a part of my own system so that it can change me as a person. The soul holds all the information that you will ever need in your lifetime to live a great and extraordinary life. But to access it you have to connect with it. Even if you are able to establish some percentage of connection your life will turn around in magical ways. If you are able to establish 100% of the connection then you will have all the powers which the creator has. You can do everything and communicate directly with the invisible cosmic world through your soul. This universe contains billions of years of information in its lap. You and I can’t understand everything because it is all in energy form but your soul knows how to read that energy and extract information from it. You just have to match your frequency with that of the source. Yes, it is true that it may take years of sadhana but it is worth exploring. There are many who tried and failed because they could not pass the test of the universe and had selfish motives.

All the cosmic knowledge which is in energy form can easily be read by your own energy or soul because they both are made of the same stuff. Your mind need not play any role in it. Your soul is the divine itself occupying your body. It won’t be wrong to say that each one of us holds God within ourselves but in a dormant form. If you activate that energy then you can do miraculous things which fall in the category of superhumans. When you want to do certain work and are looking for the right resources you have to put time and effort into it but if you activate your soul or all dormant energies within you, you will find yourself at the right place at the right time and need not put too much effort into doing anything. You will start functioning in a state of flow with 100% involvement because that is what is needed. In the flow state, you are working directly or performing directly with the divine. When you fall in sync with the energies of the universe you will see that your mere thought will bring solutions into your life. If you are someone who wants to direct his energies towards the greater good then the universe itself will start helping you in mysterious ways. Just think that you are standing in a place to reach your destination which is far away and you find every living being helping you along the way just in getting to your destination. That is the power of the soul. People will communicate exactly what you need to hear at the right time so that you do what you are meant to do at that specific time. Your soul will speak directly with the soul of another person staying near you or at a distant place and they will call you to give the message. Time and distance do not exist when it comes to energy. If you are an energy healer you can heal the other person living at a distant place as quickly as you can do that in person.

Getting invisible guidance along with assistance from the visible world is an added advantage. You will see that the divine intelligence that exists in the universe will start working for you. Now, what more do you need? You have the assistance of the people and the cosmic world. You are bound to be successful. The cosmos will simply pour through you as rainwater pours through the mouth of a showpiece of the tiger. People will think that the tiger’s mouth is the source of water but in reality, the water is coming directly from the source and is flowing freely through the mouth of the tiger. When you are meant to do divine work or the great cosmos wants to work directly through you, you will feel that you will be able to speak and do things that normal people can’t. All the ancient scriptures have been written by humans under divine guidance when God himself shared the knowledge with the person which fluently found expression in the form of divine verses which are chanted today by humanity. There are many verses that cannot be interpreted properly because living beings do not have such high intelligence to translate everything clearly to the point. So much information is lost in translation that it feels more like a distorted end product.

When you work on your spiritual awakening it is your energies doing the work without much involvement from the outside world. You cannot command the energies that it should fasten up so that you get enlightened faster. Even when Gautam Buddha was working on his enlightenment he got it only when he allowed the energies within him to take over his being. He realized that what he is seeking is within himself so he has to let it take control over him rather than trying to control everything. When he surrendered he got enlightened then he transformed the world with his divine knowledge. The inner universe just starts getting active when you do meditation and yoga. Your soul vibrates with the frequency of the universe so when your body reaches that same frequency then every second of your life will feel like a miracle. Your soul has got intelligence of its own. How the one who is meant to change the world will function is still unknown and the information which is finding expression on Youtube or other places is not correct so it is more of wait and watch the situation. You have to remember one thing the divine will use every way which follows the path of least resistance to do his work and will punish those people who have done sinful acts.

Happy Harvest Moon. Babies look cute when they smile.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m