A sweet secret is hidden in my heart forever

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-07-23 17:59

All of us have one or more secrets hidden in our heart, sometimes during the course of living if you find someone trustworthy of owning your secret you disclose it to him or else the secret remains hidden in your heart for a lifetime. When I talk about a secret, it is a very mysterious word and all kinds of stuff pop out in head as to what is the secret the other person is holding in his heart. You even try to get sneaky at times just to find out the unknown by listening to the person when he is talking to the other person by means of a parallel landline connection. You even go to the extent of checking someone’s facebook page or Instagram to find out the secret. I would say in this fast-moving world when our lives have been occupied by too much stress it is easy to spill the beans and let the secret out into the world because you sometimes lose touch of what you are saying and pour your heart out. You even disclose the secret which was meant to be in your heart for a lifetime. I would say secrets are good but sometimes it can create havoc in everyone’s life if disclosed at the wrong time. For example, take a situation where the bride is about to marry a person who was chosen by her parents and all of a sudden the man whom she loved dearly appears and pours his secret out that he loves her and they both are secretly married to each other and she is already his wife. Can you imagine how the whole scenario will change, either the crowd will kill her lover to death or the bridegroom will call off the wedding, It is good in some aspects that two lovers were not separated but think about the amount of bad name that was created for the family?

Life is nothing but a para jumble where you are busy putting all the missing pieces together so that you can rest in your grave feeling you did great work and you lived a fruitful life. You meet various people in life and there are few who touch your heart. The biggest problem is that when love happens it happens, it never checks the single or married status of a person, it never checks the age or divorcee status of a person, love happens when it has to happen. You cannot control your feelings nor can you control your destiny associated with that person. Yes, the only thing which you can do is try keeping everything a secret in your heart and zip lock your mouth so that you don’t utter a single word which expresses your feelings for your love. Yes, I want to tell you, people, that the more you want to hide your feelings and your love for the other person which seems illogical to you the more complicated your life becomes. The secret of love which you are hiding in your heart takes away your hunger and your night’s sleep. Your emotions will find expression in some or the other way where you will show your frustration because you have locked the secret in your heart which is waiting to be poured out of your heart or else you will go mad with it. I personally feel that secrets are good and you should not disclose everything to everyone but you should never hide something from someone who should know your heart so that he can do something about it. If you love someone and never ever find the courage to speak your heart out then you will have to witness the marriage of the love of your life to someone else. Though it will be very difficult to swallow the slow poison which will kill you slowly, It is better you go and tell that girl “I love you” before she gets married and starts a new life with someone else.

Secrets serve your purpose when you hold something which when disclosed will lose your unique selling proposition. For example, if you are a world-renowned chef and you have got certain food recipes where you add certain spices to make the dish taste the best, you simply cannot share that with everyone because that is your uniqueness and you cannot disclose your secret to everyone. Every secret does not remain in your heart for too long because when you find the appropriate time you just open up. The secrets which go to our grave creates problems because they are those unfilled wishes which never fructified, you will again be born on this earth so that you can fulfill your wishes. I would say sometimes it is good to open up and speak your heart so that you can convey your true feelings, who knows someday your words may reach the person for whom it is intended and he commits to you. You never had the courage to go ahead and speak your heart out but now you can be happy that you got the love of your life which you thought was impossible to achieve in reality. There can be no big surprise than this incident. Don’t judge someone when he discloses his secret to you, you should feel happy that he thought you to be worthy enough to be a part of his world and own a piece of his life.

The sweet secret hidden in my heart is difficult to hold when it is good to speak up rather than keeping quiet. If I am in love it is better I give the other person some time so that he makes peace with his emotions for me, it would be good if I speak my heart out rather than love the other person secretly and get married to someone else. The whole marriage will be a disaster and 3 people’s lives will be at stake and no one will be happy. Who knows the other person also loved you and was waiting for you to tell him about your feelings because he was too shy to speak his mind. Hold only those secrets in your heart which do not create any burdens for you, do not attract troubles in your life. If you are aware that secrets that cause anxiety for you are the most harmful because when you cannot say something, you cannot solve your problem and that stresses your mind every day. You cannot speak it to anyone and hence cannot release your burden. Secrets are secrets only when you own it but the moment someone is aware of it there is no secret which exists in reality. You can be happy when you do not lead a dual life, feeling something and showing something or holding on to a secret and pretending to be happy so that it lessens the burden for other people around you. I would like to say your condition will become pathetic because then you will care for others forgetting your true self.

If you are not happy with yourself you cannot contribute to anyone’s happiness. You will become more of a burden on this planet. Keeping secrets in your heart is good but at times very bad because it kills your own happiness. For example, think of a situation where a lady gave birth to a baby from a relationship which never culminated into marriage. That becomes a thing of the past for her after some time. Then she gets married to a smart person from a well to do family, that secret of her baby goes to her grave because if she speaks about it she will lose her own peace and peace of the family. These kinds of secrets are better in the heart of the beholder. These secrets can be shared with God who never discloses anyone’s secrets. He is someone who can be trusted because even in the gravest of situations he will never disclose your secret to anyone. These undisclosed hidden secrets which are placed in your heart really takes away the peace of your mind at times. I know this very well. I was living a normal life and never bothered too much about anything. I know how difficult it is to lead a single life after having a long-time married status but then I would say I made peace with my past and am looking forward to a bright future. I never ever had any idea that I will fall in love for the second time, my madness which I have for the person whom I love is such that my heart cannot contain anything. I simply don’t know when everything will burst out and in front of whom. I am very bad at keeping secrets, I don't want to reach my grave with any secrets. I believe in living realities and keeping no secrets.

I really don’t know whether my love will be in my life or not, someday he might know and may come in my life or God only knows what next. I would like to tell that secrets are good but sometimes when you need to speak your heart out, do so and live a happy, fulfilled life.

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