Stop Overthinking and Live your Life Joyfully

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-05-13 18:15

It is good to think about life and plan what to do next, the biggest problem arises when we start overthinking and want to plan our whole life in just 15 minutes. Is it really possible? The answer is “No”. How can you plan your whole life in a few minutes or a few days? It is practically impossible. You do not know what is going to happen next in your life, you cannot predict anything in life because life is not constant. Your life is changing every moment and even the people and circumstances are changing. The people or things which added value to your life a few days back may not mean anything to you in the present then how can you plan your whole life today when you do not know what will happen next. Plan your goals and just do it, do not overthink as to what will go wrong. The biggest problem with all of us is that we overthink and spoil our own happiness. Just live this moment and there is no need for you to create history today. What most people do today is that they forget to live the present by overthinking about the past and planning too much for the future. For example, you visit a place and you do not enjoy the beauty of the place fully because you are busy taking selfie and photographs so that you can look back to it when needed. But have you seen that you took thousand and thousand of selfies but you never had time to look back at them. You wanted to capture the memories in the present but you do not have time to look at it in the future. It is better to enjoy the present moment. Plan for your future but do not overthink because when you think much more than you should about something you confuse yourself more and in the end, you come to wrong conclusions.

Life is a big adventure. It is only when you live one day at a time that you can really understand what life is all about. The people you meet or the incidences which happen with you every day has happened to mold you into a different person so that you create a new reality for you which is very different from what exists now. Do you think you will be the same person 2 years from now or 10 years from now? My answer is “No”. You can never be the same person, you will be a good version of yourself after 2 or 10 years where you have added on to your experiences and learned a lot from life. Then how is it practically possible to sit down and pen your life today as to this and this is going to happen after 10 years so I should do these things now so that I can change my future. You are the creator of your future and when you set your present your future will automatically be good. The past is gone so it is always better to learn from it so that you do not repeat the same mistakes which failed you in the past. You learned your lessons the hard way in the past so it is time for you to create a good present for yourself. When you overthink you spoil the present and future both. You should know how to tame your mind so that when it starts overthinking you can get it back on track and concentrate more on the present.

When you overthink you figure out everything which can go wrong after 5 or 10 years. I would say if things go wrong in the near future you will be in a position to set it right then and there. Overthinking will not solve the future problem today so just start and do what needs to be done rather than thinking what all can things can go wrong. When you want something in life you have to go ahead and work accordingly, just thinking will not get you what to want. You have to take proper measure to achieve what you want and plan accordingly. I have seen people thinking not just for themselves but also for other people in their life like friends and family. Did you ever think that when you cannot determine what is going to happen next in your life how can you plan for others as to what they should do next to live a good life? We all are in the habit of overthinking not just for ourselves but also for people around us and this is what makes our life miserable. If someone is happy you want to find out a reason and when someone is sad you have already concluded his reality and made predictions for his life. We all are more concerned with others life rather than our own, we want to know what our next door neighbor is doing rather than concentrating on what we should no next. This is the biggest problem with all of us and this is what makes all of us sad.

When your boss trusts you a lot he gives you more responsibility than others and this causes your colleagues to gossip and you overthink everything in your mind and think what all can go wrong if they try to spoil your connection, instead if you just concentrate on your good work your boss will never find any reasons to complain. It is normal for other people to be jealous of you or judge you but you do not spoil your work by thinking about them. Go ahead complete all your duties and get your promotion which other people are still dreaming about. Your talents will get recognized only when you think out of the box and do your best. Average work can be done by many but the best comes from very few people. It is better to join the league of people with whom it is not easy to compete. There is very little competition at the top because there are very few people who actually reach the top. Most of the population is stuck in the bottom where everyone is busy pulling each other so that they can move ahead in life. When you stop overthinking and concentrate single-mindedly on what all things can go right now rather than thinking what all can go wrong you save your energy and time both.

Do not live your life according to other people’s belief and system. It is your life and do what you feel correct. Another person mindset will not serve you and do you no good. Even their future plans for your life will not serve you and you will spoil your life because of their overthinking problem. I have seen parents overthinking for their kids and the result is that they impose what they think is right on their child. They not only kill their child's creativity but also his inborn talents and the result is that their child is not as successful as they thought or is a total failure because of them. Parents forget that they cannot live for their child. It is his life and his challenges, what they can do as parents are, give them their best advice and let their child do whatever they are capable of doing.

You can get over your overthinking problem by enjoying the present moment, living one day at a time and stop worrying about what can go wrong tomorrow. When tomorrow comes you will handle it and overthinking about it today will not serve you and will not avoid your future obstacles. What is hidden in the future is still to become a reality, what exists today is only real. You can plan for a good future but you cannot live it now so even if you overthink about it you cannot change your destiny. Accept the Good’s and bad’s of life because you can do very less about what will happen in your life. Things which have to happen will happen and you cannot control it, what you can do is instead change your outlook towards it so that you are less hurt. People always say that you should have a positive mindset and the reason is that when you give your attention to the positives at least you feel happy that your life is better. Having an attitude of gratitude is very helpful, what remains after the storm or tough situation has passed gives you more reasons to smile rather than crying for what all went wrong with your life after that bad phase has passed. You cannot control incidences in your life. When you accept this fact you will see that your life gets easier. Always keep in mind that you have been given full power to solve your current problem and you are being prepared for the future by the universe so when a serious problem arises in the future you will be well equipped to handle it so do not overthink and don’t lose your smile today. You always have enough resources to solve all your current problems so do not feel handicapped when you cannot solve a problem instantaneously. Just give it some time so that you can get back to it and handle it better. Have Faith upon yourself and live your best life.

Change your outlook and change your life. Stop overthinking and live a good life.

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