Something which doesn’t kill you makes you Stronger

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-06-17 18:51

I am sure many of you would have come across this proverb “Something which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. You get strong after a failed marriage, a failed long term relationship, an unsuccessful career or failure in sports. I would say failure doesn’t kill you but makes you stronger. If you would not have failed in your life you would not have been stronger nor you would have grown as a person. When you fail at something again and again or even once you realize your mistakes and you become smart enough not to repeat them again. This is life and even if you complain that it is unfair with you while fair with others whose lives are better than yours, then also you have no option but to live your best life. Do your best at least live in such a way so that the whole world praises you and says “Wow what a life this person has lived”. It is easy to become a part of the crowd but very difficult to stand apart from the crowd and to stand apart you have to do things differently. If you do the same things which others are doing than what is the difference between you and others. Stand as a good example for people and show them the right path by creating one for yourself and others to follow. If you cannot succeed in one marriage than it doesn’t mean that you should lose all hope and not love again or marry again. Fall in love and take a bold step even if you have been badly hurt from your previous marriage. Life is to live so take that chance and start your life again from scratch. The other person left you empty but what he could not do was to kill your spirit.

You are still lively from within and you have lived the bad phase of your life gracefully. Pat your back and move ahead. If you fail badly in business, again and again, don’t give up. Assess what went wrong and what you can do next. That failed business could not kill you or your spirits but it has made you stronger and now you will not repeat the same mistakes. You will avoid the previous methodology for work and adopt a new one because you now know that things which you did in the past did not work. There is nothing wrong in trying. God gave this one life to live our dreams so do not live someone else’s life but live like yourself and for your happiness. Do not compromise because if you compromise today you will regret later and reach your death bed with that dream. Why cry later, it is better to try now and cry now. Try again and I bet you will succeed. People who have reached the top have tasted failure and hence they know the price they have paid for their success. They are humble human beings with a heart of gold. Failures cannot kill you it only makes you stronger from within and you learn your lessons while sailing on a rough sea. Anyone can sail his boat in the smooth sea, it is only when the weather gets rough with thunderstorms that the real person is tested. Come on face your difficulties, face your challenges, face your problems, face your setbacks, face your failures and tell them that you are stronger than your circumstances and nothing can defeat you.

You have not failed if you keep trying, you fail only when you stop trying that is the time your failure kills you from within. Take a stand and fight for yourself, maintain your dignity. Life will test you and will make you a real gem in the coming years when you overcome all your challenges. You will see you are a different person now much different from where you started. Life will mold you and then those people who did backbiting will come forward and praise you for your success. You do not need to teach anyone any lessons, just do your work and rest will happen. You show the whole world that your temporary setbacks cannot kill you and it has made you much stronger than before. Now you can face any challenge in life and guide people on what to do to avoid failures. LIve your life with head held high because when you will fail you will be criticized. Do not lose your heart but move on.

When your first relationship will fail people will warn you about many things and instead of building a big cocoon around you just go ahead and fall in love again. Prove everyone wrong and make your relationship a big success. Life is about taking risks and it is good to fall in love again than stay single whole life thinking what if this one also fails. Always remember something which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m