Mental Energy the Strongest Energy

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2014-05-03 15:50
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We all know everything that exists on this earth is a form of energy. Energy can never be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. Our body is also a form of energy and body gets energy from the mind. Our mind is originator of all forms of energy in our body. It is the super computer which controls all our bodily functions and well being. When we think positive we are full of positive mental energy and everything seems good to us but when we think negative, we are full of negative thoughts which engulfs our whole mind and body which ultimately eats our soul and makes our body diseased. Happy and social people live a fulfilling life than negative people. We designate a person as negative or positive but it is his mind which is negative or positive. A person is nothing more than his thinking and thoughts originate from the brain and then gets transferred to all parts of our body.

A person may have a weak stature but if he has a positive frame of mind he can do anything i.e something much more beyond his imagination, just because of positive mental energy. On the other hand a strong person with a strong body may be incapable of doing even the smallest jobs well just because of negative energy and his negative thinking. We see with our mind, its the eyes which translates things existing around us according to our mental state of mind. If we are in a negative state we will see the bad in everything but if we are in a positive frame of mind we will see good in everything and even manipulate the situations to fit us. Our frame of mind can create a huge impact on our life, an impact much beyond our imagination. There are many energies which are hidden at the back of our mind and lying passive waiting to be utilized by us and when we get the correct situation and actually apply our energy we come to know our true power which was lying in dormant mode. When we start using our hidden abilities we get more and more powerful.

Every person has the power to do whatever he wants to do but there are very few people on this earth who actually utilize their full energy and do something great. We limit our minds and our energy by imposing self limiting thoughts which are our own creations and not some theory put forward by someone else. These self limiting thoughts drains our mind and weakens our bodily energy. We define our capability just by two or three instances but forget that our whole life is a mystery yet to be discovered by us and it will unfold bit by bit and not all at once. We rely on the fortune teller and zodiac stones and want these things to solve our problem, what we forget is that we are only the creator and solution of our problems. I will never undermine the power of spirituality. Connectivity with God solves lots of problems but then God helps us solve those by our own selves and changes our thinking. We see opportunity in every diversity only when we want to and we can also see adversity in every opportunity that comes our way, its just our mental energy which decides what we will see.

We feel pain when our mind wants to think so and when you distract your mind not to feel pain it won't feel the pain which is also scientifically proven, so it is me myself who decides whether i want to feel the pain or not. Gratitude is a big source of supply of positive energy, when we feel thankful for everything in our life, life seems wonderful and we enjoy every minute of our existence.

A pure mind, a pure heart, a pure soul leads to a pure body. The connectivity is great. When we try to break the connectivity we get more and more drowned in sorry and fill our life with negativity. People argue that when there is so much negativity outside how can i have a positive mental frame. When others are transferring their energy to you why not become an energy source and transfer your positive energy everywhere. If we knew how powerful our thoughts are we would never think a negative thought. Friends bring alive your positive energy and life a fulfilling life by achieving your dreams. All the best.

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