Life is an Unknown Mystery yet to be resolved - Do you believe this?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-05-21 18:40
Life Mystery

There are different facets of life, it is both sweet and sour at times. Sometimes life challenges us beyond our limitations and at other times gifts us enormously. Let's welcome life. It will show you its good and ugly face at different times and it is all upon you how you accept it and react to it. Our whole life revolves around people and our own perceptions of people. We love some, hate some and do not bother at all about the rest because they do not carry any meaning in our life but that does not mean that these people do not carry any significance in our life. People whom you love gives you their undivided attention. They shower you with their warmth and grace. They are the ones who are with you in your most difficult times and pull you from miseries which life throws at you. Sometimes you handle it on your own and the rest of the times they are with you. When someone hands are with you it makes difficult times better. At least there is someone who has time to listen to you, lends you his ears and gives you his shoulder to cry. In life, you never know what is going to happen next. You may see your world crashing down in a flick of a second, people changing and showing you their true faces and the unknown future which is yet to unfold in front of you. The future which you planned is much different from what actually happens. Few events may happen and crash down your whole planning in less than a second. This life is a very big mystery and no one has yet been able to solve the puzzle perfectly.

You plan one thing and something else happens. You are in a state of shock when everything which you planned just fails and you don’t know what to do. You married a person and wanted to spend the rest of your life with him and all of a sudden he changes. You do not know what went wrong or why this person’s behavior has changed. The man with whom you had spend 22 long years just want to divorce you and leave you in the middle just because he is having compatibility issues. You never planned for this nor you were ever prepared to handle this, you feel like dying or just want to think that it is a nightmare and everything will be fine in the morning. The hardcore reality does not change and you have to accept the unknown challenges which life throws at you. The future is still a mystery but yes you can console yourself by believing that whatever will happen will happen for a greater good, something which is not visible to you now but will be known to you in the near future. Who knows the man who left you comes back to you after realizing his mistake and you both start living a great life ever after. You do not know how your future mystery will unravel before you. What you can do is have faith in God, Do your work and try to maintain your peace. It is difficult to hold your tears sometimes and it is good that you shed some tears so that you lessen your burden.

You go looking for a life partner and do not find any and one day the colleague with whom you worked proposes you. All of a sudden you start liking her and develop feelings for her. You worked with her from such a long time and never had an idea that one day you will find your perfect partner in that person. It is life and anything can happen. I do believe in destiny and something which is destined to happen will happen. I had a boyfriend in school and suddenly he left my life after being with me for 2 years. After he left me many people came in my life in my college days. My dad even tried to fix my marriage but nothing materialized. All of a sudden my school love re-entered my life after a gap of three years. He had sent a card and a big poster of a girl carrying flowers in her hand for me. I was completely shocked. I never expected to see him again and never thought he will come back in my life again. But he did come and after that, we were in touch with each other. We married each other. Life is so mysterious that when you think this is the end something will happen and a good will emerge out of nowhere. I have seen the good and bad side of the same person whom I have loved the most so I very well know that the future is very unpredictable. It is good to live one day at a time and plan for the future but not to get too serious about life. You never know that the person whom you loved the most ditches you or just leaves you all of a sudden without any reason.

You just live your life without being too much hooked or attached to the material things. The more you attach yourself the more it hurts. You will see that your next door neighbor who lived a lavish life is thrown out of his well paying job and all of a sudden he is forced to handle the unknown misery. He starts a business to keep his expenditures running and is working very hard to make ends meet. Did he ever plan for such a drastic future? Did he ever think that he will be fired from his job? I would say “No”, all unknown and unplanned things happen in life that is why I call it a mystery. All of us want good things to happen to us and we always plan for the best. It is easy to break in those worst moments but difficult to keep going. You never know when your misfortunes may turn into a good fortune and whatever God planned for you is the best for you. That person who was fired from his job created his destiny by setting up a successful business which he would never have if he would have been doing his job. Sometimes all the sad things which happen with you may be a boon in disguise which you are not able to see now and you may get aware of it in the near future. Live your life, accept both the good and bad moments, focus on all the happy moments, be cheerful, even if you cry nothing is going to change for you. Your challenges are not going to lessen and nothing will be corrected in a second so just accept life as it is and move on.

You are walking on a road and all of a sudden a car dashes you. You are severely injured. Did you ever plan this? I would say “No”, You were walking on a deserted road and all of sudden the vehicle emerged from nowhere and the accident happened. You never know what will happen next. But you have to accept whatever happens. You need to get treatment and you need to take care of your own self so that you can recover from your injuries. If you think how good it would have been if you would have not gone for a walk then you would have been saved from this accident. But you cannot control your destiny nor can you control any events from happening in your life. What you can do is control your reactions. When you react less and get less angry on the world around you then you lessen your stress and accept things as they are. Life is never the way you wanted it to be. Life is just the way it is and you have to accept life as it is and adjust yourself. Life is not going to adjust for you, events which have to happen will happen but you can certainly control your emotions and check how much you have to react to whatever is happening in your life.

I have seen people winning a lottery ticket when they thought that they had the least chance of winning it so the unexpected things can happen in life. Life is a mystery and God has woven both beautiful and ugly moments in life but that does not mean that you play safely. Safe play will never help you. Strive hard for what you want in life and then see the real success unfold for you. Have faith life is worth living and our future is in safe hands of God.

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