I Love My Life My Way

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2016-09-22 09:46

This is my third life. Chill readers don’t think too much. First life - when I was born, 2nd when I had my baby and 3rd when I overcame all my troubling health problems with a will to say a big “HI” to my life once again. Life can pull you down and even your health can get on your nerves to the extent that you may want to end everything and leave for the heavenly abode but there are few fighters which are created by God who are not ready to give in. Those are the ones who conquers not only their health problems but also every problem. God is always there with me and this is something which I believe in very strongly.

I do accept people’s opinion but only when I believe in them. If I don’t accept something I am going to say it. I am a person who is very true at heart. I do everything from my heart. My mind keeps wondering what I do. I live and laugh from my heart. People ask me why a carry a smile on my face. I say at least that is what differentiates me from the rest of the masses. I don’t carry pain in my heart and express a smile. My whole self-smiles when I am happy. I do what I believe in and not what others believe in. Sometimes people retaliate to the extent that I cannot take but then I do have patience.

It’s my life and it's my terms and conditions. It is absolutely ok if someone loves me or hates me for the person I am. I do not carry anger or jealousy. No past items of baggage. When I live today I am fully mentally and physically present. I know people do so many things to please everyone around them but that is something which I cannot do. If I have to please someone it has to be my Dad or my God. Two people in my life without whom I cannot breathe or live my life. With so much understanding and misunderstandings around me I do not carry a heavy heart. Today it is a Thursday afternoon and I sat down to write this blog of mine on myself.

I know how troublesome life, situations or health can get at times but then there is something which is more powerful than everything and that is you. You have the strength to overcome every problem and attract exactly what you want in your life through Law of Attraction. Friends live your life. You will not be given a 2nd chance to live this life once again so read, work hard and enjoy, that is what is life meant to be. Do great things up to your capacity for the society where you live in so that your children live in a better world.

Spread your Goodness, Smiles, and Love. The more you spread the happier you get. Make someone’s day with a sweet smile and it will automatically build your day. The happiest people are not those who do not have any problems but are those who look beyond the problems and choose to be happy in spite of everything else. There is no perfect person, no perfect life and no perfect day. It is we who creates everything with our thoughts. The world is the way you see it. And when you create good thoughts you see good things around. With negative thinking, you attract more of negativity.

I believe a “Single” Person can create history and if you are someone who feels that you can create a difference then do stand up and make a difference. Friends I believe I am born to create a difference and I am doing it with my writings and by my presence. Come join me.

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