Health Investment is the best Investment of Life time

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2017-12-06 16:34

You are very well aware of the saying “Health is Wealth”. My dad added a bit further and said: “when Wealth is lost nothing is lost and when Health is lost everything is lost”. He said you can earn wealth at any time but when you lose your health it is lost forever. I have seen people running after money, fame, good job position etc. They work for 18 hours a day and have no time for rest. At the end what is left is a huge sum of money with bad health and regular doctor’s visit. Nowadays it is very common to hear someone in their 30’s suffered a heart attack and died on spot. People nowadays have sugar and Blood Pressure problem even in their late twenties and early thirties. The doctor says it is quite common for a person to get diseased because of too much stress and lack of time for self-care.

You invest large sums of money in various investment plans which give returns after 5 - 10 years so that your life is secured at that age. You are planning for later part of your life from now on but what you fail to do is chart out a good health care regime for good health so that you are healthy enough to enjoy that money. What do you do with money when you do not have good health. Whatever money you will get will be used to pay doctor’s bill. It is high time that you get aware of your health and look after it so that you live a good disease-free life. Eat good home cooked food, eat a balanced diet, exercise and take enough sleep which rests your body and you feel fresh the next day. Sleep deprivation is also a major cause of lots of health problems. You watch TV and you are busy on Facebook and WhatsApp. I would say all of us have 24 hours in a day and it is upon you how you spend it wisely.

The time which you give to your work is very specific. The leftover time is the time which has to be used to the maximum level so that you are healthy. You divide your own time and check how much spare time you are left with after giving to your family and work. Family time is important because if any member of the family feels left out they will cause you stress. Go to the Gym, do brisk walk in the morning, do Yoga or any form of exercise according to your convenience. Give at least half an hour to one hour for any form of exercise and you will start feeling good from within. Your working capacity will increase and you will feel rejuvenated from within. You will be in a happy frame of mind and you can handle stress and work pressure better than before.

I always stress on home cooked food since when you cook food at home you take care to use all good quality products but if that is not possible you can eat outside but at a good place, not just anything you can get hold of to fill your tummy. The food which you are eating should be nutritious and good for your body or else it will just fill your tummy and not make your body energetic. Our body is like a temple whatever we put inside is what will show on the outside. When you put junk food your body will express it that way. When you eat good food you will feel full of energy and your skin will shine without the use of costly beauty products. If you are a workaholic and have no time for cooking then hire a good cook. I would say delegation of work is not only good for office but also good for our health when we practice it at home.

You are earning money. Then why not hire good people around to take care of your health. I have seen many people who just want to increase their bank balance and compromise on spending money where they should actually spend and these are the ones who cry most in the later years of their life. All health problems start popping one after another and then the whole list of medicines for the remaining part of life. I have also met people who know everything and will advise other people regarding it but when it comes to implementing that for their own self they just forget what they taught to others. We are very good at giving advice. When you are so much committed to your work and your family then why you are not committed to your healthcare routine. There are very few people who take care of their health while the rest are just busy with the rat race to beat the other person and move ahead of him.

You have to be honest with your healthcare routine so that you enjoy a good health and can live a great life even in your old age. Earn money then spend it in the best possible way in the old age. Go visit different places and enjoy your life after retirement.

Investing in health is the best investment of a lifetime.

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